Vaman Karma in Kaphanubandhi Pittaj Madatyaya


Alcoholism or Madatyaya is a disease manifested by long-term and Amore quantity consumption of alcohol. In any type of alcoholism the most prominently vitiated dosha is the pitta. Vaman karma is mostly useful in symptoms like Trishna, Daaha etc. of Pittaj Madatyaya. Alcohol better known as ‘Madya’ in the classics can be compared to a poison or visha. In fact ‘Madya’ and ‘Visha’ have similar properties.

According to the Bhruhatryee vaman Karma is one of the most important treatments of Madatyaya, especially of Kaphanubandhi Pittaj Madatyaya. Alcoholism is a chronic and often progressive disease characterized by special behavioral changes as a result of intake of alcohol to an extent that it interferes with the drinker’s health, social relationship and economic stability. Hence to get rid of this social evil-Madatyaya successfully with minimum side effects should be concern of every practitioner. Considering its relevance and importance, Madatyaya has been selected for this study. For this literature study all the references are collected from Bhruhatrayee and there valuable and important opinions are also described in details.

Materials: Bhruhatrayee


Literature Review.

Due to the excessive intake of madya which is teeksna , ushana, amla and vidahi makes utkleda of kaph and pitta dosha and produces the symptoms like Trishna, Daha, Murchaa etc. he should be given madya, grape juice or water or saturated drink and then should be caused vomit, thus he is relived from Trishna, Daha, Murchaa…etc..

For pittaj madatyaya use drugs which is described in Kakolyadi varga for that purpose we can use the above drugs as a kwatha and honey, suger, trijatak is use as prakshep dravya. In vamana karma use Ikshuras (sugarcane juice) and follows the sansarjan karma we can use mansrasa, yush, grita, sugar.

In kaphaj madatyaya prepare the kwath of Wetasphala and add honey in it, and then it is used for vamana karma. Also we can use the Tikta rasatmak dravya or Pipalyadi dravya in the form of yusha.
According to Ashtanghrudaya

The symptoms such as thirst, Burning sensation, vertigo, etc are seen due to the vimargagamana of pitta & kapha dosha. In such condition we can use the Ekshu rasa or Grapes juice for vamana and after that proper sansarjan karma must be followed for maintained or for proper functions of the Agni, and for remaining dosha we can use dipan and pachan drugs.


As in pittaj madataya all the signs & symptoms are seen due to this dushti pitta dosha and dosha are goes to the kaphaj sthana.So we can use vaman as shodhan karma in madataya. Pittaj dushti due to the similar properties of madya and pitta dosha like ushna, tishna, vidahi, Drava etc. So according to the samanya-vishesh sidhanta we use the Madhur rasatmak, sheet, and mrudu, snighda gunatmak dravyas for vamana like Ikshuras or Draksha ras.


For Kaphanubandhi pittaj madatyaya CharakaSamhita, Shushrutsamhita & Ashtanghrudaya are Ikshuras & Draksharas described those entire same drugs in Kaphanubandhi pittaj & pittaj madataya.


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