What is Indian Way of Life?

Many times I have found that we, the Indians, keep bragging about our tradition and culture and how STILL we are following or trying to follow it with all sincerity.
But, practically speaking, are we?
Just look at an average person’s activity in a day. As soon we get up from the bed in the morning we brush our teeth with toothpaste and brush. Then we go and read newspaper. Are these in traditional Indian culture? Then we take bath using shampoo, toilet soap or shower gel. Are they Indian? Many of us are used to international brands only. Then we dress up in pants and shirts and shoes. Are these Indian? Well, you must tell me.
We then go for breakfast. That could be anything from south Indian idli, dosa to north Indian parathas or chapatti. Ahem, these are Indian stuff. Some take cornflakes, bread, jam and butter. Lord Krishna only took butter and none other delicacies.
We take a bike or car or if you are poor you take a bus; all of them run by diesel or petrol and they have no reference in the Indian traditional transport system.
Offices are fully westernized. We speak in English, use paper and ball point pen, computers and Xerox and printing machines. If one works in a factory all the machineries are invariably western inventions or imported. Any reference about these could be found in our literature?
Lunches are of course absolutely Indian; rice, dhal, chapaties, sabjis etc. But, however, the younger generation prefers to go for pizza or burger which can never be construed as Indian. After office we go home and eat something traditional like rice, idli, dosa, parathas, roti and vegetables.
We sleep in the bed made in western style in the air-conditioned bedrooms. For entertainment, we watch cricket, discuss cinema watch movies on the televisions.
I will be really grateful, if someone says what sort of Indian culture we follow except in marriages by demanding dowry and making pomp and pageantry. Here also we dress in suites which are not Indian and the reception photography and video coverage are undoubtedly foreign.
Except our food habits, in our day to day life what we follow which is exactly belong to Indian customs and manners?
Now please tell me where and what is exactly Indian way of life?
Western ways of life bring all comforts. Claiming to be Indian way of life brings us false pride.
In the whole world, we, the Indians are the biggest hypocrites. 


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Comment Sir, It was hard to go through your article because it is not well articulated or argued. Secondly, the comforts that you are calling 'western' are a result of industrial revolution and the following changes...since then it took a life of its own...that happened in the west because of the money looted from the colonies. In the meantime development of the colonies was stopped,
We speak in english because we were forced to use it as a link language, while languages like hindi and sanksrit could have been used. The previous governments did not focus much on that. IN addition, we were told that english was a way to development and getting jobs EVEN IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, which is ridiculous. You are also mistakenly associating west with english. I currently live in Sweden their official language is Swedish. It is easier since they have only one language. But we never gave much weight to our own languages. Today it is the english language authors from India that are world renowned, because there is no industry behind translating the indian vernacular authors.

we follow Indian culture when we take care of our parents, we follow Indian culture when we believe in our interconnected families, we follow Indian way of life when we are reminded that all is maya and therefore learning to curb the ego will bring a better life. Whether or not these things can actually be followed is a different story, that ethos remains in our psyche. The focus on mental and physical purity is the gift of Indian mind, and no other culture has focussed on it. The cultures around the world think there is nothing wrong with mindless consumption, we may have been turned into consumers we still have traditions and ways of life that are incorporated into everyday life that remind us of ephemerality of this universe. Those who call Indians hypocrites do not understand the Indian thought or refuse to take into account assassination attempts on Indian cultures by various outside forces and currently by several internal forces, including bollywood.

charu UPpal
10-Apr-2015 04:03 AM

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