Smart Cities and Smart Homes

Our politicians are clever, worldly-wise, intelligent, wily and smart. That is why they appropriated the word "smart" and are putting it as an adjective before every noun which comes to their mind that may fetch them votes in ensuing elections.

An all smart things being promised by out current politician-rulers are to be funded by foreign countries and through FDI only. And really many of these or the media which is informing us about these smart things seem to be oblivious to what it means to be a smart city. In Andhrapradesh the politicians and rulers are promising smart cities to smart villages. Why they left smart family is surprising.

And why these politicians are unable inspire Indians to finance their smart things and rely on FDIs. They way they going about these statements indicates that out rulers like the word smart very much.

And why the public sector undertakings in India are still continuing to be white elephants despite the change of guard? No one has any answer. It is a must to motivate Indians to initiate and participate in development of India. In a country where more than two thirds of population considers itself backward or weak, how can only one third of the population develop India? The pampering of the have-nots for the vote-bank politics is continuing. Every must be told and be made realized that there is no free-lunch and pampering. Every one must be persuaded to earn his own bread even though one claims backward and weak. Politicians of ulterior motives and vested interest may not allow it because their profession is dependent on the slogan and false promises of uplifting the poor, though in reality all political party leaders are developing themselves, their families, their kith and kin. All politicians developed a vested interest to encourage majority population claim to be backward and weak; and promising the politicians will play the saviors. Though election after election these promises are proving to be false assurances the voters are electing the same set of politicians.

Now some change seems to have taken place and government is seeming really intent to develop India and not just the backward and weak. But electoral and political compulsions are making present central government speak the language of earlier administrations; This kind of talk has been detrimental to the development of India as a whole and the promised populations are still languishing in their poverty and marginalization. And they continue to be so if they leave their development to the wily politicians who are posing as their saviors but in reality are the real culprits. They like the poverty stricken population to remain so so that their relevance and their slogan gets perpetuated for all future generations.

This kind of a minority population working hard for the remaining citizens is neither proper nor benefits the targeted have-nots. Only hard work by all citizens according to their respective physical and mental abilities, and not inflated ones through reservations will develop India;never the cosmetic slogans or measures. The governments must stop discriminating among its citizens in the name of this or that social justice.

Then only we have smart families and homes.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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