The Highjacking of Hindu way of life!

Hindu religion is not merely a religion but a way of life. Now a days Hindu way of life is "onslaught-ed" and slaughtered by many Hindu religious and cultural groups. Also many cult groups, though are inspired and owe their teachings to the Upanishads, the epics, the Puranaas, great spiritual texts, great seers and saints, rishis, munis, are misinterpreting, misguiding, misbehaving with Hindu way of life.

Hindu way of life is based essentially on house-holders and is family-centered. Many cults and their owners were, have been, are and may be will be damaging married lives and transform them unrepairable.

Many cults are questioning age-old culture and practices and are trying to replace them by the utterances and ways prescribed by the cult-masters. The cult-masters are only using Hindu scriptures and the like things and persons only to attract large "hindu" population and at the end expects all the people to become devotees to them instead of the traditional Gods like Bhaskara, Ganesha, Vishnu, Shanmukha, Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Siva, Anjaneya, Sri Kali, Sridevi, Sri Saraswati and host of others. This is a more dangerous onslaught than by other "faiths". I know of a famous cult which declared that they are not part of Hindu religion and are not Hindus and are a separate religion named after their cult master and applied for minority status to their educational institutions from a state government, when that state government wanted to interfere in the management of "Hindu" schools and leave out "minority"-managed institutions.

This is the danger of these cults which have negatively transformed the face of Hindu way of life without being calling them HIndu. They are encouraging muth lives and are attracting house-holders to the extent of house-holders feeling "happy" in muths and cult ashrams rather than their own homes. The people are quarreling at homes and are trying to get peace of mind at asrams and the cult masters are encouraging that trend with inharmonious tendencies. This is a great harm to the society. The cult masters without living a Hindu way of life are championing Hindu religion and culture together with many self-proclaimed saviors of Hindu culture and religion. I repeat none of the people associated or started these cult or cultural outfits are not living Hindu way of life. A peculiar and dangerous change and situation.

House-holders are supreme and Grihastha Ashrama is supreme and the society is dependent on house-holders who take care of the families undergoing all the vicissitudes and difficulties of family life and still strive hard to earn and hence subscribing to the GDP of the national income. The cults and culture outfits just consume those monies. All the donations to the ashrams, cults and cultural organizations are by house-holders who donate part of their earnings to these cults, ashrams, and cultural organizations.

And these Hindu way of life non-living individuals instruct, preach, teach and guide the house-holders who are actually living the Hindu way of life and are contributing to the national income through their professions.

Hindu way of life has never encouraged non-house-holder living. Non-house-holder living is the result of Buddhism, Jainism, and later religions and isms. Only a house-holder knows all the aspects of managing the human behaviors and professions.

Rest of the people are parasites on earning house-holders.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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