Panchakarma is mainly detoxification therapy consisting of

  • Vaman - Emesis
  • Virechan - Purgation
  • Basti - Medicated enema
  • Nasya - Inhalation therapy
  • Raktta mokshana- Blood letting

Panchakarma chikitsa is divided into 3 parts

  1. Purvakarma
  2. Pradhankarma
  3. Pashchatkarma

Benefits of Panchakarma

  1. For improving / promote the health of the child
  2. To prevent the seasonal illness in children
  3. To increase immunity
  4. For all types of chronic diseases
  5. Help to minimize time taken for treatment of chronic diseases,
  6. Toxins and eliminated giving scope to medicine to act fast
  7. The cost to treatment is reduced to cure disease
  8. Strengthens immune system and provides more resistance to illness
  9. Relieves stress from both body and mind
  10. Reduces dependence on drugs and medications
  11. Eliminates excess Doshas and Toxins from cells
  12. Enhances digestion & metabolism
  13. Clears the sense faculties, mind, intelligence, and complexion
  14. Increases strength, nourishes the body
  15. Revitalizes the nervous system.


More by :  Dr. Shiv Dwivedi

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