Celebrities and Our Lives

It seems now a days people are interested more on preaching others how to live rather than living their own lives harmoniously. The craze to sermon and poke nose into others' affairs are becoming fashion and craving.

Life is too short and complex to waste on others. Also taking care of one's own near and dear is becoming out of fashion and doing so is even termed ridiculously as "selfish". Instead all celebrities who have highly unsteady personal relationships and bonds are contributing to this confusion. They advertise their care and love for pets.

They never talk about loving their kids as they do not have families or have broken families and relationships. Such an irresponsibility can not be an ideal to follow or imitate. And it should be noted that all the money they earned and have and exhibit cannot help them to be happy beyond a limit.

And many others in society do not have so much money and cannot afford to be as reckless, careless and naive in the maintenance of human relationships and bonds and suffer as a result. Celebrities should be stopped after entertaining us. We should not allow them to dictate in relation to our personal lives and bonds and we should never imitate them in our relationships and family lives and play with the hearts of our near and dear.

We must follow ancient Indian wisdom in our personal lives. It provides necessary cushion through the vicissitudes we encounter during the course of our lives.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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