Ayurvedic Management of Insomnia


Now a day’s Nidranasha (Insomnia) is the commonest problem among the people due to modern life style. Everyone is hurried and worried in a heat of hope. No one wants to stay and wait, within little time everyone wants to get all requirements of life. This tendency causes stressful life. A stress is defined as the response of one’s body or mind to real or imaginary ,threat, event or the changes. The threats, events and changes are called as stressors. The stressors may be internal like thoughts, belief, attitudes or it may be externals like loss tragedy and changes .Some other stressors like to much noise, heat cold, coffee can also cause anxiety. The anxiety can leads to sleeplessness or insomnia. This anxiety may be either due to over response of body and mind to the stressors, or under response.Thus a viscious circle develops between sleeplessness and fear of trying to go as sleep. It leads to loss of productivety and social relationship in the life.When the nidranass (Insomnia) is chronic the Allopathic treatment is less effective and causes dependency.In the ayurved there is a lot of way to treat this.In the Astang Hriday vagbhat has described four methods i.e. Shiropichu, murdhatail, Shirodhara, Shirovasti etc. Thus the shirodhara with Brahmi siddh til tail is better option.

Aims and objective

1) Conceptual and clinical study of nidranasha (insomnia)
2) To evaluate the effect of Shiro dhara in Nidranasha.


The study was conducted on about twenty diagnosed patient of Nidranasha (Insomnia) selected from OPD and IPD Of M.A.Podar Hospital worli mumbai Shirodhara was advised for seven days for 45 minutes and the follow up was taken at 3rd, 5th, and 7th day.

Diagnostic criteria

The diagnosis was made on the base of Research Diagnostic Criteria for Insomnia Disorder which are given as:

A. The individual reports one or more of the following sleep related complaints
B. Difficulty initiating sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, waking up too early, or sleep that is chronically non-restorative or poor in quality.

We operationalize this in exactly the same way as the comparable DSM-IV criterion (i.e.,using the 3-day rule, the 30 minutes for getting to sleep, the 30 minutes for waking in the night and waking two early, and the ≥ 3 rule for number of times waking in the night (waking ≥ 3 and being awake ≥ 30 minutes are alternatives for the same circumstances for sleep.

Inclusion criteria

Inclusion criteria besides above, male and female of 16 to70 year age were taken.

Exclusion criteria

1-Subjects having HTN, DM,high lipid profile and any other somatic condition like Cerebral stroke ,cirrhosis and AMI etc.
2-Pregnant and lactating mothers.
3-Subject on already Psychotic drugs.

Drug: Brahmi siddh til tail Shirodhara for 7 days till 45 minutes.

Assessment criteria

1- Insomnia (sleeping hours)
Sleeping more than 8 hours per days—0
Sleeping 6-8 hrs a days—1
Sleeping 4-6 hrs a days—2
Sleeping less than 3 hours a day-3

2- Sleep disturbance (frequency)
Less than 3 times-0
3 to 6 time—1
More than 6 times-2
Tolally disturbed-3

3- Headache—
Increase with position change—1
Can not even sit-2
Headache after lying down--3

4- Anxiety
No tremers and irritations-0
Only tremers—1
Tremmers and irritations-
Statically analysis of data- by paired test


Significant improvement was observed in the patient`s symptoms .From the first follow up i.e. 3rd day patient started good and undisturbed sleep ,and in second follow up head ache and heaviness decreased(5thday) on 7th day(third follow up) patient felt much better in their routine life. Among the case studied,45% patient shows very good response,30% shows moderately improvement 20% mild relief and 5% patient do not got relief.

Table-1 overall effect of brahmi sidha tail sirodhara in Anidra

Sr. No Effect No of patients Percentage
1 Markedly improved 9 45%
2 Moderately improved 6 30.%
3 Mild rerlief 4 20%
4 No relief 1 5%

Table- 2 Effect on symptoms
Sr.No Effect on Symptoms Before After Percentage No of Patients
1 Difficulties in sleep (time) 30 minutes 10 min. 80% 16
2 Frequency in night awakning(number) 3 to 6time, <3 time 75% 15
3 Heaadache and heaviness Early morning Absent 90% 18


Since Head is considered as the utamanga of the body, and all idriyas are controlled by it, Shirodhara with drahmi sidha til tail causes a dramatic effect in the reducing symptoms of anidra(Insomnia).It is seen that after use of shirodhara of brahmi sidhha til taila the number of hours of sleep increased, the frequency of sleep disturbance in night decreased, headache in early morning decrease.

The statically observations show that Shirodhara with Brahmi sidhha taila is highly effective in management of nidranasha(insomnia)from first follow up, which seems to be onset of action of this extremely used modality.


More by :  Dr. Shiv Dwivedi

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