A.P.J. Abdul Kalam: In the Eternal Memory of All

"Despite his passing away, the 11th President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, remains immortal in the minds of the people of India and beyond for the life and ideals he lived; and the inspiring experiences he has left through his numerous writings. He was a happy blend of a “Missile-Man” and an ‘Apostle-of-Peace’. He was a Muslim but he was secular to the core and a true nationalist.  Due to his sagacious personality; and concern and compassion for the common man, he was hailed as the ‘People’s President’.

Dr. Kalam loved to interact and spend time with school children so that he could motivate and groom them as per their potential. To him, success has no shortcut except hard work and perseverance. It was perhaps the key to his rise from a humble newspaper hawker to what he became later on.

In his, “Wings of Fire”, he urges all to nurture big dreams and to remain optimistic in the face of failures. According to him, FAIL means ‘first attempt in learning’ and the prospects of a winner should begin from it. He wedded to the principle and practice of “Simple living and High thinking”.

The entire humanity was his family. He had no greed for material possession but for knowledge. He was a man of sacrifice, humility and generosity. It is said, the value of a person is known at the time of his death. And, lo!  In his absence he is now more loved, more discussed, more read, more remembered and more endeared.


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Comment Excellent Article on our beloved President Kalam. The article may be small in size but it touches all aspects of the genius.

Laxmi Priya Mallick
20-Oct-2015 11:09 AM

Comment Dreams, Ideas and Realities!

The title of Poetry I wrote between 1972 and 1994
And for which my name will last forever in world
All know now as Dreams, Ideas and Realities.....!

The scientist of India called as Missile man......and
Also who had worked as President of India.....and
Noted for children's education is A P J Abdul Kalam!

His message for all to come up in life and work is
Dream, dream..Thoughts, thoughts..Action, action!
Both our wish, thoughts and message are the same!

What you are is Nature's gift to you in the world....
And what you should do is to use it the best you can
So that nation, world and all live in prosperity sure!

Only when all progress, prosper and are peaceful
Humanity can live blissfully better in one world...!

- T A Ramesh

18-Oct-2015 01:29 AM

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