Inlaws and Outlaws

Well aware of public’s weakness for blood relationship, Congress leader Mrs Sonia Gandhi is trying to garner sympathy on ground of being daughter in law of Mrs Indira Gandhi (referring to fallout of National Herald case). Earlier too politicians have sought electoral votes on ground of being a “Bahu” or a “Damad” besides “Beta” or “Beti” !

The above throws up interesting aspects spelt below.

Daughter in Laws

The nation has had 14 Prime Ministers so far. Some constitutional authority should keep track of all the daughters in law for they may lay claim to legal immunity and / or concessions on account of services rendered by the Lady’s Father / Mother in Law. Parliament could also consider to incorporate a law or ordinance for immediate relief.

Generally Daughters in Law have a trying time in the subcontinent to entrench their firm place in the family they get married into specially because of Mother in Law. This is common knowledge and bollywood is replete with films depicting the strenuous relationship.

Daughter in Law referred to in the case are of exalted kind – here the relationship appears to be of outlaws and not inlaws.

Trial outside Court

Objecting to legal process by taking matter outside the court appears to be close to contempt of court. This may also dampen the spirits of investigators and intimidate members of judiciary.

Emergency proclamation in 1975 was preceded by Allahabad High Court judgement delivered by Justice Jag Mohan Lal Sinha .
Is the Congress leadership again unnerved ?

Challenge for Mr Modi’s Government

To remain calm and unprovoked is the need of hour for Mr Modi’s Government. Law should be allowed to take the normal course. That would be the test of democracy.

Mrs Gandhi need not fear if no wrong has been done.

All politicians should realize that citizens need to live in peace and go about their business undisturbed. Such cases should not be taken outside the courts. Muscle power or lung power should not be used.


More by :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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