An Impartial Look at LGBT in India

While I read with interest on the relief the LGBT feel after SC has accepted the curative petition on the Section 377, I also would like to share some of the truths on the subject with special reference to the Indian milieu.

Every country has its culture and customs of good and bad, India, in particular, is not only an ancient nation with several peculiarties to its credit but also known for its vociferous demonstration of them. It is true that from the invasion of Alexander to Ghajni to the British many transformations and changes have taken place here culturally and socially.

Indeed, these are unavoidable.

In fact, in recent times, I have been reading a lot of sympathetic views and privileges extended to Transgenders. If I am not incorrect, transgenders are born rarely but many of them are converted by choice because of their sexual orientation problems. It is a matter of great concern because on many occasions, it happens with the lower strata of the society since at the adolescence and later when an uneducated, poor boy with no options but to seek sexual gratification with a male had to change his appearance to a female. While we appreciate the views and acts of the government, we have to be careful that such privileges are not be misused as in the case of the reservation policies become in the course of time.

In India, the reason for gays being considered unacceptable and despicable is because of our culture. In a patriarchal society where men are considered to be superior and are the ones who carry the family name and lineage fail to produce children is not considered favorable. Even today, male children are preferred to female ones. None can deny Female foeticide is because of that. Therefore, a man who prefers the companionship of a man goes against the society, culture and the family. He is considered as a curse to the family. Further, in India marriage is a good business where money transcations and business propositions are signed. If ‘gay marriages’ are legalized I will not be surprised to see matrimonial advertisements reading ‘wanted fair, educated, handsome, well employed boy in twenties for a fair, highly qualified, handsome MNC employee drawing five digit salary’etc. It is no joke; is it not a fact that India is the only country in the world where ‘arranged marriages’ are still in vogue? We are clever to deploy the rules and twist them to suit us and adept in it. For example, Indians follow the fashion of the west but absolutely indifferent when it comes to the question of discipline in public.

On the living together side, it is more of an emotional involvement which dominates in any relationship irrespective of sex, cast, creed, appearance or age. Marriages in India survived because of the children and their future, society and financial dependence. Even that has started cracking now more frequently. In gay relationship, the commitment becomes comparatively less and so problems are likely to creep in easily.

Legality may provide them social acceptance; but when it comes to the question of a gay or lesbian couple wanted to adopt children, there may be legal problems once again. In such situations it is better for these people to keep away from such adoption.

Though claims to be philosophical, Indians are the most materialistic and shrewd persons to make any situation suitable for benefit with ruthlessness. Our country politics, the exodus of Indians for migration to other countries, dishonesty and disproportionate acquisition of wealth are examples.

It is a bitter fact that to be openly a gay or lesbian in India is very tough. Legaliszation will solve their problems only marginally. Once legalized, there are possibilities of the public start commenting on two close friends both male or female and will make sarcastic remarks even though there is no sexual attraction between them.

It will be gratifying if same sex relationships are based more on emotional connect in addition to sexual bonding. If that is assured, that will liberate the LGBT from the cruel clutches of law. But, I am sure the society on the whole Indians will never look at them very kindly because of the hypocrisy ingrained in them.


More by :  Devavratan Kaundinya

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