To My Lil Baby Girl

I was in Sri Lanka when Nani messaged all teary-eyed “Perrin!! You are a Maasi ……….. your niece has arrived!!”

I remember being so excited! There was no one to hug and do the crazy dance with …….so I ate a big bar of very questionable Sri Lankan chocolate :):) Just kidding!

You brought so much happiness just by being born, for once I was stumped with no words! Yes, that’s the effect you have had on all of us. And even though our words fail us when it comes to expressing our love for you, we hope we have been able to show you all these years how much you mean to us.

I also remember the day you decided to call me Shaashee. It was amusing, especially since you could pronounce the letter M but chose differently, and I absolutely loved it.

Your craziness, total mental days when you were an absolute laugh riot, your performing to the audience (us on Skype and in the numerous videos) and being quite the lil theatrical star that you are, your saying D for F**K instead of Duck, and so many more memories are forever etched in my heart.

You are the light in my life, one that I pray always shines bright.

Your mum may have given birth to you, but you were born to me.

You’re 18 today. I still remember the day you were born and while it doesn’t seem like yesterday, it definitely doesn’t seem like it was eighteen years ago. You’re going off to college soon and I thought I’d offer you some Shaashee advice.

  • Experience as much as you can (SAFELY!) while still getting your homework done.
  • Be in awe of the opportunities you have and take advantage of them.
  • Don’t feel trapped. You’re never really trapped. If you decide what you’re planning on doing with your life isn’t what you want to do, switch courses. Being expected to know what you want to do for the rest of your life at age 18 is insane. Frankly, being expected to know what you want to do for the rest of your life at my age (well over 18) is insane, too.
  • What makes one person happy, makes another miserable. Find your own road and make sure that road is the road you want to take (not the road anyone else is telling you to take).
  • It’s important to be kind to others, but the most important person to be kind to is yourself.

Always remember that I love you tons and continually root for you.

All my love,


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