Think India think....Introspect and come up with an honest answer... How many of you males out there deserve women? Be it any relation...And if your 'HONEST' answer is a No, learn to manage without women..

Femininity is bliss to us ladies.  We do not seek your approval.  Learn to manage without the inexpressible depths of female features. To manage without delicacy and tenderness in your lives..

And in case your answer is a Yes,please start staying within limits of decency. Observe all females in your life and they will surely inspire you. Observe how radiantly the innermost thoughts of a woman blossoms in her eyes when she smiles, how unutterably they lurk beneath the shade of her eyelashes. Observe the speaking hands she has. So eager to express the beauty of service and the tender devotion of her mind...

If you have taken the pain of reading this, AWAKE TO THE STRENGTH OF WOMEN...And know that somethings are best when treated like the sun. Somethings have the radiance that is best enjoyed when not beheld directly.


More by :  Bhawini Tripathi

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