Reservation: A Dragon Spitting Venom

on the Talents

From time to time there often rises a great noisy hue and cry over the issue of reservation for the underprivileged sections of society, followed by mass protests and severe agitations against it in every nook and corner of the country. Surprisingly, this time the volcano of indignation against the reservation in higher education and private sector jobs has vehemently erupted everywhere to such an extent that the whole country is flaring up with protests and strikes by the students of various streams. Reservation may be viewed a positive action for the betterment of the economically underprivileged people of society but it is an open secret that it is more a political gimmick for garnering votes. It is a common knowledge that reservation is a thought child of our constitution aiming at the social equality. However, even after more than five decades since its constitutional implementation it has not done anything so good to the underprivileged students in a desired way. Only the economically well-off people of the backward sections have availed and reaped the benefits of reservation getting them at par with the forward classes.

It is really a matter of grave concern that in spite of the verdict of Hon’ble Supreme Court that reservation should not exceed 50%, some so-called political leaders with vested interests are trying to extend it for OBCs only for their political mileage. Such leaders are playing with the future of students. Instead of highlighting reservation issue the ST/SC and OBC students should be given opportunities to stand on their own feet without the crutches of reservation and compete with other talented ones. So, the need of the hour is to create equal opportunities for such students so that they can prove their mettle in each and every sphere of life but not at the cost of the talents of others. Moreover, a student coming through reservation is more likely to be swayed by the feeling of inferiority complex.

In connection with frequent protests against the implementation of reservation in central educational institutes like AIITs, AIIMs, and universities. What Dr. A.P.J Kalam, President of India, had once pointed out needs to seriously be taken into account. He had categorically suggested that rather than reservations the seats in such prestigious institutions should be increased for not solving this crisis, rather for dissolving it for good. The creation of more and more seats will pave the way for the Dalit and OBC students to come to the platform and show their talents.

In short, rather than on caste distinction reservation must be based on socio-economic standard of a community irrespective of forward or backward caste. Ironically, on the one hand we lay emphasis on the total eradication of caste system from our society but attempts, on the other hand, are being made to bring it back through the issue of reservation in the name of uplifting the downtrodden people. The dragon of reservation seems to be heading towards devouring the whole nation, while spitting out the lethal venom on the budding talents, merits and future think tanks of India.


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Comment An apt title for the subject matter. An affirmative action program gone awry; spitting venom.

P. Rao
27-Apr-2016 23:32 PM

Comment Food for thought!

This all survey was done in 1975 last time to chalk out the under-privileged classes which has been continued regardless of the rate of change of demographics and social systems.

And yes as you said,the approach has been more political than solution-oriented.

Education system must also take this in account so that it does not provoke the brain-drain.Medicine has been largely affected discipline in this matter.

Being a hiring professional, I face the job-skilled resource gap always wherein there are thousands.of students graduating every year.

This becomes more prevalent in government jobs wherein unreserved category has to score almost 40% more than reserved category to be even considered.Also,needless to say they have to pay the exam fees four times (approx) as compared to the reserved masses.

Unreserved classes either have started opting for strikes and protests or faking certificates to be in reserved category.

A serious re-engineering is the need of the hour.

Juhi Gupte
26-Apr-2016 10:57 AM

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