Study and Leisure

Present way of conducting primary, secondary, tertiary education by private educational institutions is harming the psyche of the students immensely. In the pursuit of a certificate to get a job, all middle, lower middle and higher middle class students and also super rich kids are spending most of their time with class books, competitive examinations, books for competitive exams or sitting before a computer or modern gadget with internet again to get more information about their study.

Leisure in the form of sports or physical exercises has completely vanished from the radar of parents, educational institutions and government. Playing sports gives relaxation from the rigors of study and also develops a healthy psychology because in sports the wins and defeats provide all the emotions one will face in life, like getting something, some one, losing something, some one and the mind will be prepared for the joys and griefs life brings.

This training to mind in educational system is completely missing now. Also studying epics, panchatantra, general books, moral stories also prepare mind to face situations created by the course of life. This training also completely neglected in the current imparting of "education" which is unfortunately confining to cramming some information sans proficiency in languages and medium of instruction and also skills. This utter negligence of leisure cannot be replaced by TV, movies or spending time on internet.

A human-being learns by and through imitation, starting from acquiring to speak, through learning behavior, selecting role models, setting goals for life and ways of living to all aspects of life and living. Such imitations must be useful to the students rather than spoiling one's dignity, spirit and character..

Leisure, in the form of paying games, participating in athletics, traveling, spending time in and wth nature, reading literature, poetry, appreciating fine-arts to conversation will make one a complete human-being intellectually and emotionally. The emotional aspect is equally important for cultivating nicely and shrply performing mind. Conversations, even though is mere gossip, relax mind and also improve communication skills.

Now-a-days, all are preferring to go for coaching for everything rather than preparing by themselves. Spending leisure in a relaxed way will improve mental abilities and stress and strain are removed simultaneously.

Let us all give equal importance to leisure as to studies.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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