Will You Marry Her?

It is certainly bound to sound strange to those with no understanding of human psychology, ties, sentiments and earthly affairs, if they take into consideration the mental and emotional states of Vedantam, caught in between tww hearts and finally using either in an attempt to get that of his classmate, Archies. However, to me he is ethically and spiritually a true man with human and social values.

Vedantam, my best friend had natural desire to make Archies his spouse as she had a lot of love and respect for him. She was really a paragon of beauty with immaculate nature. However, it was not her beauty or heart but her respect for him that attracted him most. Though he had a soft corner for her right since the first visual encounter in the university class, he could not reveal his love for her apprehending that she might misunderstand him. Vedantam very well knew that she was the loving daughter of a doting father, a university professor a great authority on English literature. Moreover, he was also unemployed. With what face could he propose to her? He hence, was waiting for the time he would get the job.

However, as it goes, nobody can get anything before time and more than what is lotted to a man. Even after getting the job his long-cherished desire-his marriage with her. Though no objection to it was there from either family, it was shattered to pieces. Before he could convey her the message of his job, as ill luck would have it, she was fixed to be engaged to somebody else, and an engineer she had never dreamed of.

One day she called him to meet him last time before the marriage. Hesitatingly Vedantam yielded to her pertinent plea. After discussing some pitfalls-some from his part and some from hers-Fate was finally were blamed for that. Indeed, even with everybody’s consent no marriage is possible, if God does not wish.

“Ved, I am unlucky to have lost you forever. But a plea to you, I want you to give the shade of your goodness to my younger sister”.....”, If you don’t mind, could you please marry her?” She burst into happy tears praising her. Vedantam looking into air could not open his mouth.


More by :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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