University Days

With a view to pursuing a higher education and earning money as well for his educational aid simply-dressed Manav, a very innocent, simple, gentle, compassionate student from India reached England. He was too god and meek to live in this world-a place full of betrayers and errors. Even though he got a part time job, because of his inexperience, he was confronted with various problems in executing properly the official work. However, as luck would have it, it was at this time that he felt an ever helping hand of a spectacled, ultra modern and candid blonde, Helena. In fact, she was too frank and bold. Ever since she saw him, she became quite sympathetic to him for the reasons best known to her. Manav also had profound respect for her this core of his heart. Sometime later, he developed an intense emotional attachment with her, when one day Helena expressed her deep love for hi. Before all this happened, it had already become a hot talk that both were madly in love with each other. However, it was, initially, not so; but it did so later. Manav, who had already had a soft corner for his classmate and his best Indian friend, Archies, who hailed from a decent family, could not restrain himself from falling in love with Helena. He had to succumb to her pure feelings. In this way did develop the immortal love affair between the two love birds. he now desired to make Helena his life partner, as he had out and out understood her but the thought of Archies and her tender love for him prevented him from doing so because she, like Helena, was also intensely in love with him. Besides his parents also objected to his getting married with Helena for her being a Christian. So obedient he was to his parents that he dared not revolt against them for his personal interest. All this together finally led to his mental conflict. He began to live in pensive and stressed mood. he got irritated.

 Sometime later, Helena went away to America for doing some diploma course; though with heavy heart, resulting in even more melancholy of Manav still pining for her. He was burst into tears. He was emotionally so attached with her that he could bot bear her absence. he felt deserted and suffocated; no one was there to console him, except his thought of her, to overcome this suicidal shock. Watching her soothing gifts he wept bitterly days and nights, feeling her absence all the time. Really Helena had given him so much love that he could not fathom.

Manav now began to pass his days and nights searching for the answer to this grave query as to who to be made his life partner. Both Archies and Helena had equally profound love for him the real definition of love. In fact, Manav did not want to lose either. Anyway, after Helena had gone away to America promising that she would be writing to him to immortalise her ‘Love for hi, even if not married, Manav tried to console himself with philosophical and spiritual thoughts and resorted to poetry for expressing his ‘magnified’ love both for Archies and Helena so that he could derive the emotional and spiritual pleasure of love-the prime requirement of human being; a vital element to make a better life; a great source of inner, spiritual and emotional betterment. For Manav, Archies and Helena became one-‘Helenarchies’-an epitome of spiritual.


More by :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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