Acu-Yoga: An Ancient Science

In today's fast paced and tension-filled world we need to find ways to relieve stress. Acu-Yoga is a unique and powerful system that combines the best of acupressure and yoga techniques to relieve stress and tension, boost our energy, and strengthen our mind and body. With Acu-Yoga, we will learn a simple and natural self-care system that allows us to regulate the flow of energy through your body.

Acu-Yoga exercises to activate special points that correspond to the Chrakras and Meridians. Acu-Yoga can relieve lower back pain, chronic fatigue, and recharge your body's vital energy. This hybrid practice was initiated years back and has gained popularity worldwide over the past few years.

Acupressure and yoga are important traditional forms of preventive health care. They effectively release tension and eliminate toxins, both of which imbalance the mechanism of body. In traditional health care system it is said that disease is initially caused by tension and stress. Before the symptom of any particular aliments manifest, there will be tension and toxicity in some areas of body. It is our advantage to work on our physical imbalances when they are at the least developed stage.

The science of yoga dates from the ancient times, when man led a natural life and was not under the spell of modern civilization. Correct breathing is the basis of all exercises for longevity, as well as for the cure of severe disease. The purpose of yoga is to attend proper circulation of the blood, it will ensure emotional balance and stability and this stability is to lead the body against illness and consecutive giant a longer life. In ancient china, it had been discovered that there are certain points on body which if pressed, punctured, or burned had beneficial effect on certain aliments . Man’s original medical tool is his hand, which he has instinctively used in order to alleviate pain. Acu-yoga is a system of exercise that integrated the knowledge of two ancient holistic method of health science. Both systems relax muscular tension and balanced the vital life force of body. In yogic term this vital life force or energy is called prana, while acupressure use the Chinese name of chi or the Japanese term ki. This is more effectively used to maintain health of peoples and to prevent the disease. In future, we will use Herbs and acupressure in more cases, and drugs and surgery as last resort.


More by :  Dr. Dnyaneshwar Jadhav

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