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Power politics of BJP consuming its principles?

Waging a war on terrorism in India often gets sabotaged by none other than a section of her own privileged people along with side-effects. Events in the past over two and half decades, stand testimony to this special but strange feature of India’s democracy.

Just take the recent example of controversial statement of Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Ms Mehbooba Mufti on gunning down of Hizbul militants led by Burhan, “Had the security forces known about presence of Burhan Wani, a chance would have been given to him…”.

J&K’s Deputy Chief Minister, representing BJP in the coalition government, Dr. Nirmal Singh subsequently walked in her shoes by stating at Katra (Jammu) as reported ‘… killing of Burhan Wani was an accident……’

Statements of both, the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, have diluted the resolve of security forces and also the morale of common man against the Pakistan sponsored terror activities on Indian soil. While statement of Mehbooba Mufti could be considered understandable to some extent, being addressed to her constituency, but that of BJP’s Nirmal Singh holding charge of Deputy Chief Minister, by his displayed empathy, has made a spectacle of himself. The performance of Jammu’s representatives in and out of legislature speaks volumes about their ‘political acumen’ and overestimating their worth.

The general perception goes that BJP’s betrayal of its core constituency stands out. The party’s meteoric rise in Jammu region was not because of stature or charisma enjoyed by any of its local BJP leader, but it was Narender Modi storm that swept the local BJP leaders to power.  

Nirmal Singh may have been appeasing his ally with his ‘mask of moderation’, but the voters came in for what the BJP stood for. While anti-Congress wave played its part, it was more a factor in the states where the grand old party lost out to many so for unknown entities. While at the national level, the BJP’s vote bank was a positive one, in favor of its politics and policies, the Issues like terrorism, return of migrants, abrogation of Article 370, discrimination with Jammu region, settlement of 1947- partition refugees, pseudo-secularism etc found resonance with gradually awakening residents of Jammu region.

All their professed ideals became symbolic on merging with PDP’s Agenda of Alliance. If anything, they only rode the crest of what was essentially a groundswell with roots deep into history and wounds aggravated by a self-defeating Kashmir milieu.

In hindsight, it appears that the BJP leadership, while not being the Karta of the Jammu cause, in attempts of wooing Kashmir will however turn out to be a nemesis. While the cadre and voters remained firm in the crust, the leaders were more bothered about skimming the cream of power on the surface. As they came to power, all the promises were blown to smithereens.

With 25 MLAs plus one from Udhampur, who could have been easily roped in by repenting follies on BJP’s part, thus respecting the mandate of Udhampur along with assured support from Sajjad Lone in Kashmir valley, the party should have looked at the long haul. But, instead of chasing people who voted for BJP, its leaders especially the ministers chased an illusion, because principles had silently given way to personal ambitions.

Needless to say, there is no point in blaming PDP. They are only travelling footboard on Modi’s Rath and they will promptly alight it to board some other bandwagon that would take them to destination civil secretariat, if situation so arise. But what earthly reason can the BJP have to align with a party like PDP that is the anti-thesis of all that the BJP stands for? Clearly, power politics of the BJP has consumed its core principles, reducing the party to a bunch of self-seeking leaders.


More by :  Rattan Singh Gill

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Comment A rather absurd statement by Nirmal Singh brings out the political shallowness of the Dy. CM

Ravinder Malhotra
15-Aug-2016 20:05 PM

Comment What the author,Mr Rattan Gill is saying is 100% correct.
PMO should read this.

08-Aug-2016 01:02 AM

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