A Clinical Evaluation of Jalaukavacharan Elbow


Jalaukavacharan has been mentioned in Ayurveda as one the most effective measure to treat Shothaj Vyadhis (Inflammatory conditions). Raktamokshan / blood letting is well accepted treatment for vitiated rakta dosha and process of removing impure blood proves significant to treat the disease. According to Ayurveda, Sira and Kandara are the updhatus of blood doshas.

The primary management of tennis elbow is NSAID’s but many patient doesn’t get relief and undergo surgery. The shothagna action of Jalaukavacharan is well known and its importance is described in samhitas.

Material and Methods:

The study was carried out in R.A.Podar Ayurvedic Medical college and Hospital, Mumbai , on 10 cases of lateral epicondylitis age varies in 18 to 60 yrs. Jalaukavacharan done weekly for 4 weeks.

Discussion and Result:
After application of Jalaukavacharan it was observed that there was remarkable relief in tennis elbow.


More by :  Dr. Shiv Dwivedi

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