An Open Letter to Kofi Annan

The following points are some points on Rohingya in Myanmar by the author who is a Buddhist scholar from Germany. He has studied Political Sciences. As a Buddhist Scholar I have published on Early Buddhism in India and China and Thailand in 2012 and 2014. My views on the Rohingya are based on the article of Sai Latt who explaines the attitute of colonialism of a great part of Myanmar's leading managers on the Rohingya as second class human beings.

My points are also based on a report on Rohingya from the United Nations .

This attitude of colonialism is not from yesterday. So every change in Myanmar regarding the Rohingya might take years. It is more a question of generations. There is no short solution. I hope these points will find the support of Kofi Annan and of the Buddhist brotherhood of Asia. Kofi Annan is elected in August 2016 as a leader for a Myanmar international committee which will give his advice to the government of Myanmar regarding the Rohingya question.

1. Point. Every side concerned should be ready to find a middle way or compromise: A compromise is an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.

2. Point. The creation of a "Third Party", a union of everybody from each side ready for a compromise. A large civilian majority. Very few military forces.

3. Point. Every participant enjoys equal rights. There is no first class and second class participant in a dialogue.

4. Point. Human rights for Rohingya. Freedom of Religion in Myanmar. Amnesty for all political prisioners. The right for every Rohingya to come back to Myanmar. A passport for every Rohingya.

5. Point. Violations of Human rights must be persecuted by a tribunal of Myanmar.

6. Point. Negociations should go in the direction of autonomy or a federal state solution integrated inside the Myanmar society.

Every point is just for consideration. All points are based on the idea of a compromise.


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