Ever Green Sojourn

Robins Wood Park

It is a privilege to be holidaying in Seattle, the Evergreen State of Washington. The long, wide roads on the Inter State highway, the up and down rides through the suburbs and Downtown, the waterfront with the innumerable yachts, hovercrafts, cruises, sea planes are great spots for sightseeing, yet, the sprawling spic and span parks with greenery to the hilt are among my choicest haunts.

At Bellevue, the abundant pines, spruce, firs and maples that dot the landscape around the cookie cutter houses with the tiny flowered gardens is ever so bewitching At the sprawling Robins wood Park, Man and animal co exist! People from all walks of life, all ages, all nationalities spend hours breathing in fresh, unpolluted air even as they are playing soccer, baseball, cycling, jogging, walking or picnicking. The Children’s Park at the far end is equipped with child friendly games; parents can relax while children enjoy themselves without gadgets in hand.

For the nature lovers, the ducks, Canadian geese and elusive turtle offer free and endless entertainment. While the Board outside the pond says -Do not feed the water fowls, they have to find food in their natural habitat, several enthusiastic visitors offer titbits from atop the bridge. At once, the ruckus starts, quacking, pecking at each other to grab at the offerings! The ‘smart’ geese soon emerge out of the pond, right up to the benefactor! This notwithstanding, ‘duck watching time’ is included in my walk time each day. The spotless white Canadian geese as well as the black geese glide along the pond, the movements appear graceful enough to put the best dancer to shame.

Notwithstanding the duck-feeding, it is a pleasure to observe the young and the not so young chill out on the green grass or on the benches. The book lover too finds this haunt conducive for some quiet reading. One never tires even after an hour’s walk in the Park, contrarily, it rejuvenates.

All good things come to an end, the ephemeral, elusive truth! Soon, it will be time for me to bid goodbye to this enchanting greenbelt. Wish I could carry some of the greenery back to homeland, into the concrete jungle where the vast multitude of us exist, forever trying to balance work and life.

Green Belts are the oasis to quench the thirst, to ensure that future generations have fresh air to breathe.

And one last word, no tea ‘kadais’ or restaurants should be allowed in the vicinity of such parks.


More by :  Hema Ravi

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