A Day to Remember

Continued from “Amity of Empathy”

Chapter 9, Book Two – ‘Dharma and Moksha’ of Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life

The wedding that the whole of Annavaram talked about for long took place at sunrise that day in the precincts of the hilltop temple. In their numbers, the ashramites of Vanaprastham and the inmates of Shanti Sadan gathered there to grace the occasion. The beauty of the pair at the mandap ensured that the devotees present watched the proceedings from the sidelines. Above all, the rare presence of the seer Sripada Swami at the wedding caused a near stampede.

Under the guruji’s benevolent gaze and amidst the Vedic chants of the temple priests invoking the Lord’s blessings, Suresh embellished Vidya’s bosom with two mangalasutrams. And that signaled the spiritual conjugation of their conjugal union. Moreover, as the swamiji lent his resonant voice to the veda sadassu that followed, all reckoned that it was a good omen to the blessed couple.

Then the newlyweds in their madhuparkams went round bowing before the elderly couples to seek their blessings for a long conjugal life like theirs. Having gone through the remaining rituals, the just married were led by the purohit to the presiding deity for their thanksgiving. Praying fervently, they thanked Satyanarayana Swami for having brought about their union. Then, they were led back to the mandap to perform the satyanarayana-vratam for a prosperous life to themselves and to those around.

After bidding farewell to everyone present, the newlyweds were raring to go to Vizag to catch the Delhi flight. While the eager lovers thought they were inching towards the dream start they were aching for, Vidya’s wards, however, had other ideas. They came prepared to take the favored couple right up to the airport to put them on the flight. Though Vidya tried to dissuade them, they were hell-bent on their memorable mission. While Suresh in frustration got into the van, leaving the cab behind, Vidya followed him with mixed feelings. Even as she resented her wards’ intrusion into her nascent marital space, all the same, she was pleased that they cared for her. Never the less, she felt sorry for her man for the frustration it caused him. And, finding him sulking, she tried to cheer him up in undertone that their dream-time was but a road jaunt away.

During the two-hour journey by road, the girls vied with one another to engage and disengage Vidya. Thus, feeling forlorn in the company of his bride, the groom felt he might end up being a Rip Van Winkle. But, when they reached Vizag, he thought it fit to suggest that they might call on her family for whatever it was worth. But she made it clear that she had no wish to complicate her present by mixing it up with her irrelevant past. When he added that there was always scope for forgiveness in life, she maintained that she had no reason to believe there was a change of heart in her kith and kin to warrant any rapprochement. Moreover, she said, she would like to nurse her life with new friendships rather than risking her future with past relationships.

When they arrived at the airport, they were welcomed by the check-in call. At that as Vidya’s girls waved them goodbye, he heaved a sigh of relief, though he knew it was unbecoming on his part. Anyway as they boarded the plane, he tried to make up for the lost time by reaching for his bride's lips.

“Wait till the landing,” she said raising her hand to fending off his advance.

“You mean in your lap,” he said sinking into her.

“I mean in our Misty Nest,” she said pulling him by the hair.

“I’ll make you pay for it,” he feigned anger.

“I’m prepared for that,” she said winking at him.

“Let me see how,” he said as he mock scanned her.

“Am I not well armored?” she dropped the pallu.

“Are there any chinks?” he raised his head to assess her assets.

“Recced enough,” she said bringing her pallu back into position.

“Seems handful either way,” he said without taking his eyes off her bosom.

“Oh,” she said feigning disappointment, “I thought you could be a legman.”

“Believe me,” he said winking at her, “I love all of you.”

“But beware of my waist,” she said smiling, “when you have a roll.”

While she cooed coyly, as if on cue, he fondled her at her midriff.

“Any chick on the chink?” he crooned in her ear, reaching for her crotch.

“Trespassers are prosecuted,” she said locking her thighs.

“What if I gatecrash?” he said ardently.

“I’ll make you labor all your life,” she said naughtily.

As he sank into her lap in mock exhaustion, she caressed his hair with innate affection. As if the air hostess got wind of his condition, she came up with some refreshments.

“What a pretty air hostess you would have made,” he said biting the cutlet.

“Why not ask the passengers?”

“Why wake up the sleeping dogs?”

“Be sure, I'll keep you awake.”

“What’s the menu for the night?” he winked as he wiped his mouth.

“That which keeps you awake all night,” she said winking back at him, “served on a virgin platter.”

He leaned over her to look down the window to see whether they had reached New Delhi.

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