Chris Suprun and Texas's 38 Electoral Votes

I recently learned about a horrible thing that may happen to our country. Chris Suprun says that he will not give Texas's 38 electoral votes to Donald Trump. Trump won those electoral votes fair and square and they belong to him.

We can not allow Hillary Clinton to become our next President and I'll tell you why. When she lost on election night, she became violent. That proves that she is mentally unstable. Mentally stable people don't become violent when they lose. We can not allow a mentally unstable person to be President. She is dangerous.

I care about the future of America and I know that you care also. It scares me to think that people's children will grow up in a country that has a mentally unstable President. We must either demand that Chris Suprun give those electoral votes to Trump or that Suprun be replaced immediately. We must act fast. If you do your part, you can be a person who helped to save America.


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Comment I understand Chris Suprun may cast only his one vote to the person of his choice. He has no say in rest of the 37 votes from Texas.

P. Rao
19-Dec-2016 04:51 AM

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