Nationwide Campaign for Political Reservation

With dropping a brick of political reservation in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and state assemblies for Dalits and Muslims, the Akhil Bharatiya Dalit and Muslim Mahasangh (ABDMM), will start a nationwide awaking campaign in 2017.

In an exclusive interview Suresh Kanojia National President of ABDMM told this journalist that he has taken up a new agenda of pre-requisite qualifications for the Lok Sabha and state Assembly candidates, two terms be fixed for the members in Lok Sabha and in Legislative assembly, MP and MLA should be entitled to get pension after attaining the age of 60 years, candidates   participating in elections should deposit money with Election Commission of India for monitoring their expenditure in elections, besides  reservation of Muslims and OBC members in Lok Sabha and in state assemblies.  

He has raised the demand of 10 per cent from Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) fund be kept reserved at least for 200 students annually for meritorious students belonging to weaker   and unprivileged of the society, which would   benefit   each constituency for oriented course i.e. typing, shorthand, data entry, secretarial practice, office management, journalism, nursery teachers’ training, graphic designing and many other schemes after finishing schooling. According to him “the number of beneficiaries yearly from MPLAD, comes to nearly 1, 60,000 (200 children x 795 MPS (Lok Sabha 545 and Rajya Sabha 250). In 5 years, the number of beneficiaries will go up to 8, 00,000. An estimated 25,000 INR is required to be spent yearly for one student”. He excessed shock over the performance of MPs of SC/ST category, representing in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as they have turned as “middle men” between the government and private partners for their own benefits.

In this regard Suresh Kanojia, in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested to revise MPLAD scheme through Gazette notification at an early date so as to enable   the millions of meritorious students get benefited through MPLAD funds. Minister of State for Human Resource Development Upendra Kushwaha has appreciated his welfare schemes and implementation for the downtrodden and weaker sections of the society. He said “there is no dearth of meritorious students in the Indian society. It is deplorable that because of financial crunch facing their parents, they fail to go in for further education.  As a result, parents have no choice but to allow their children to opt for ‘unskilled jobs’ at a tender age”. Every year, the organisation   facilitates function for Dalits and Muslim persons to recognize their services they render to society. His organisation has set up computer training centres in 1200 Madrass in UP where aspiring students are being trained.

Since 2006 of its inception ABDMM, has extended its membership to 10000 in 12 states especially having a visible presence in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Jgarkhand, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. According to ABDMM National President  Suresh Kanojia , the motive of launching this social organisation is to give justice to Dalits and downtrodden people who have been victimised in the society. 36 year old Kanojia  had raised many issues   like Rohit Vemula, Hardik Patel, demolition of Ambedkar Bhawan in Mumbai, suspension of Dalit students from Ambedkar University in Lucknow,    criticising Arvind Kejriwal CM of Delhi when he had announced that Delhi government will fill up the vacancy of all Punjabi teachers in Delhi schools keeping in view Punjab assembly election is round the corner. He had also taken up the matter of establishment of High Courts in capital of the states in Goa, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.  Also demanded for more high court benches in larger states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal. Bihar and Tamil Nadu.

Giving credit to demonization step to ban 500 and 1000 currency notes to eliminate black money from circulation he said “ it is a matter of regret that alternate measures from the government is worse.”  He said “there  are 1500 belonged to Scheduled Caste, 1000 Scheduled Tribe, 3743 Other backward class  and Muslim community   in existing   society.  It is a burning issue how many of them are having bank account. Does the government have any figure on that?”  He asked “The government has allowed customers 2,50,000/-  for weeding.  But what happened to these under privileged classes who have no account  and where they will go for wedding their children. Most of the ladies earn their livelihood from committees paying monthly subscription.  Most of them have no bank account.  Whereas ladies in town do kitty parties with monthly subscription.  They are not looser with the government's demonetisation. Because all of them have bank account and they get new notes in exchange of old currencies.” He rued   “In Muslim communities, most of under privileged have no bank accounts. In small scale industries, like bidi manufacturing, weaving and handloom industries, one will find that it is dominated by Muslim communities and most of the transactions take place by cash only. Now they have been most affected people because of new RBI rules.”

Will ABDMM participate in direct election question; Kanojia said “due to financial scarcity it will not be possible. But their support to any contesting political party will get benefit.” In Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh national and regional political parties have approached ABDMM for their support. So for, ABDMM has not made any commitment to any political party, just calibrating the developments.  Meanwhile , Kanojia has also  arranged a meeting between  Praksh Yashwant Ambedkar ,grandson of Dr B R Ambedkar and president of Bharipa Bahujan  and APP leader Arvinder Kejerwal keeping the upcoming elections in Punjab in view.


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very well written and composed interview
mr. suresh kanojea is a young dynamic leader of today politics
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