Enemies of Hinduism

Sanatan Dharma is believed to have no beginning and thus no end either. There is nobody who can pinpoint and say that Sanatan Dharma started on so-and-so date or that there is a founder to this religion. It is a religion which is the most philosophical and the most structured and still the most unstructured one. There are Gurus who can be called religious heads, but there is no rule which says that only they have to be followed. This is the only religion in the world which appreciates opposition as much as it appreciates submission. This is also the only religion in the world which follows different philosophies for different ages, for different bent of minds, for theists and atheists, for idol believers and for those who believe only in the formless, all of whom are equally respected and accepted. This is in fact the only religion which is not ‘organized’. We don’t have to pray compulsorily, go to temple compulsorily, do charity compulsorily, read scriptures compulsorily, call people of other faiths ‘faithless’ or ‘heathen’ … Nothing !!! The gem of this religion is Acceptance, not Tolerance as is now advertised.

Let us see who our Enemies of the past and the present, truly are:


The fact is that freedom towards thought and practice of faith, became the enemy of the religion too. Invaders from abroad were not sure what to make of a faith, a religion which was not ‘organized’. It was easy for them to think that we needed more structure, because that is what they were brainwashed in. People following the Islamic and Christian faith just could not understand the myriad of Gods and Goddesses too and the various religious philosophies and most importantly, that there was a class of people who just did not mind being POOR. With their materialistic thinking and the belief that there was only one life, they did not mind looting, raping, killing, people of other religions, in the belief that if they did that, they would be forgiven by their own God. For the Hindu who believed in Vasudaiva Kutumbakam, it was unthinkable and they became like meek lambs to the slaughter. They were tortured to accept a foreign religion and made to feel like they were heathens who needed improving. Thus invaders became the 1st enemies of the Hindus.

(According to Baldev Singh, PhD. of A Persian dictionary titled Lughet-e-Kishwari, published in Lucknow in 1964, gives the meaning of Hindu as ‘chore (thief), dakoo (dacoit), raahzan (waylayer), and ghulam (slave)’. Yet according to another dictionary named Urdu-Feroze-ul-Laghat – part 1 (p 615), the meaning of the word Hindu is as follows: In Turkish: chore, raahzan and lutera (looter). In Persian: ghulam (slave), barda (obedient servant), sia faam (black color) and kaalaa (black). The hypothesis that Persians had difficulty in pronouncing Sindhu is baseless and preposterous. “In Persian, says our author, the word means slave, and according to Islam, all those who did not embrace Islam were termed as slaves.” [Maharishi Shri Dayanand Saraswati Aur Unka Kaam, edited by Lala Lajpat Rai, published from Lahore in 1898, in the chapter of introduction.]. As per Britishers, original Indian Inhabitants were the Dravidians and it was the European Aryans who pushed them to the South and took over the Gangetic Plains and introduced the Vedas and other scriptures. And all our esteemed Historians believed them and are still believing them. This is despite evidence to the contrary. By not allowing history of our country to be re-written in modern India, our slave-minded Historians are proving to be the 2nd biggest enemies of Sanatan Dharma. If African-Americans can protest that being called a Nigger or a Negro is disgusting and can insist upon changing the term, why can’t we collectively oppose to being called a Hindu and call ourselves Sanatani?


The likes of Devdutt Pattanaik and Wendy Doniger have successfully twisted our Scriptures to suit their interests, first by calling them Mythology and then by saying that the tales actually showed how we were a race which had the worst of men, weakest of women, homosexuals and what not. Most importantly why should the stories in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana be called Mythologies? When we have empirical and archeological evidence of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna having been there in Bharat Varsha, why should we call these tales Myths? Twisting of stories to show that Shiva was a homosexual is just plain stupid, considering that his physical attraction to Budh was when Shiva was in a female yoni (Ila) and to Vishnu was when Vishnu was Mohini – in a female yoni … so how did these tales show homosexuality? In a recent article Devdutt Pattanaik emphasized that Sri Krishna was a bad father. Is that what Sri Krishna was about? Targeting youngsters by providing them with controversial information which can be used only for argumentative purposes is what these ‘Mythologists’ are doing. They are proving to be among the biggest enemies that Sanatan Dharma is facing now.


In this category falls two types of schools – the Missionary schools or Convent Schools, as they are popularly known and the Madrassas. Both these establishments teach in various ways that religions other than the ones they profess, are evil. Some schools even provide books which talk about a loving Abrahamic cult God, provide free copies of Bible and Koran. Convent schools routinely punish students for wearing a bindi or a tilak, bangles, for sporting Mehndi, etc. – all symbols of Hinduism or festivities related to Hinduism. They brainwash the children to avoid playing Holi (waste of water, toxic colours), celebrating Diwali (involvement of child labour in making crackers, noise and air pollution), flying kites (hurting birds), Garba and Dussera (intermingling of boys and girls leading to molestation) and so many more. The innocent children do not even know how to counter it with questions like what is wrong in using natural colours, that crackers are just temporary as against pollution from other sources, why kite strings (maanja) are not made from regular thread (instead of coating it with glass), etc. They slowly begin to think that the festivals and the festivities itself are wrong. Festivals were celebrated with happiness in the past, and are now celebrated with guilt. See the difference, see the enemy?

T.V. Serials

What justification is there for serials like Balika Vadhu, Krishna Dasi and many more, which pretend to portray and thus get more TRPs by showing the ‘defects’ of Hinduism? Why can’t they show how we have overcome these defects by openly accepting change and support laws to ban the Devdasi system, child marriages, Sati and more. These obnoxious systems were never a part of Sanatan Dharma – they were added into the customs later. But who wants to say that? That will not get TRPs! What about ‘Mythologies’ like Raavan, Ramayan, etc. which are there purely to show how the anti-hero is also a good man and the hero is just wanting to kill him because he did one grave mistake. The disrobing scene in Mahabharat is twisted to show how in Hinduism women were always exploited, not as injustice being perpetrated as is there since times immemorial in people of all cultures.

Presstitutes and Sickulars

I do know that there is no such word in Queen’s English but in India these words describe a section of people very well. They are now the biggest enemies of Sanatan Dharma because they are literally the ‘brown sahibs’ – white in their minds and behaviour but having brown skin. They are very well educated but they use their knowledge and position to wreck havoc on Sanatan Dharma and keep using words like ‘Sanghis’ and ‘Bhakts’ in a derogatory way, to anyone who dares to oppose them. Their behaviour reminds one of Ravana and his ten heads – full of knowledge and gyaan, being in a position of influence, he gave in to ego and unrighteous behaviour and did the worst of deeds. If one cut off one of his heads, another one appeared in its place. It seems to be the same with these Presstitutes and Sickularists. Every single ritual and tradition of Sanatan Dharma seems regressive to them and they abuse and vilify it, but they fawn over more regressive customs of the Abrahamic religions. Beef eating is something they should do to show the Sanghis their place (?) and freedom of speech is to be invoked while making abusive comments on Sanatan Dharma or Sanatanis, but protection of minorities is to be invoked while supporting their unjust demands. Wah re Kalyug ke Ravan !!!

NGOs and Some Multinationals

If you thought that NGO means a Non-Governmental Organisation working towards the upliftment of the masses or towards saving the environment, you are grossly mistaken. Similarly if you thought that the profits of foreign multinationals went back to their mother companies abroad, you would be wrong. Both these entities are among the biggest contributors to conversion mostly into Christianity and some into Islam. They work hard to prove to the world and to our own citizens that Sanatan Dharma is completely about superstition and demonic rituals and Gods who don’t love us and therefore sends famines, cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. on our poor people. Every calamity will see such vultures hovering around trying to talk about a more loving God (?). Are the other countries of the world safe from natural disasters? If they are not, why don’t they agree that their God too is cruel? Nope, they won’t do that. When Baba Ramdev says that at least Patanjali Products income is used for good within our country, some ‘educated’ people laugh at him, not knowing that they are fools to not know that multinationals have among their majority shareholders, Churches and Evangelist bodies which use the incomes from these companies for the ‘holy’ work of conversion.

The Artistic Type of People

This includes painters, novelists, film-makers, doormat and shoes designers, etc. who in the name of religious freedom put our Gods on shoes, doormats, undergarments, nude paintings, distorted story books and utterly disgusting films. If anyone were to tell me that M.F.Hussain did the paintings of nude Saraswati because he respected our culture, I would call that person ‘a blind man with healthy eyes but a diseased brain’. Any Hindu who sees the posters of the Malayalam film ‘Ka Bodyscapes’ (award winning – no less), will cringe with disgust. The posters depict Hanuman in the nude. According to the film-maker, “It is not true; the central character in the film is a painter, in one of his paintings he portrays his lover (male) flying with a heap of books, like the mythical Hanuman figure carrying the mountain. There are many titles from gay literature among the books, and the face of the figure is clearly another character in the film, not the Lord Hanuman.” He then says, “This is a bizarre attack on creative freedom and sexual minorities. We have to fight growing authoritarianism.” But the Censor Board while rejecting the certification said, “The entire content… is ridiculing, insulting and humiliating Hindu religion, in particular portraying Hindu gods in poor light,” The last refuge of these artsy types is that our temples depict sexual scenes and nude Goddesses, but they fail to realize that these are on the outer structure. As one goes to the Garb-gruha, sanctum sanctorum, one leaves everything physical behind to only concentrate on the one Brahman, in any form. This depicts that physical interaction or bodily existence is a reality which everyone goes through, but the most important truth is the journey within. But who will tell this to people who do not have this truth a part and parcel of their Victorian or Abrahamic cultures.

Modern Parents

Parents who teach English before/without teaching their children their Mother Tongue, parents who treat pilgrimages as tourist activities, parents who prefer to buy a cake instead of making ‘kheer’ on their children’s birthdays (just to avoid the extra work), parents who do think that feeding their children ‘eggs and/or meat, beef’ on a regular basis will make them strong (as against eating as per their natural diet), parents who feel that teaching about Sanatan Dharma, culture and heritage is a waste of time and money, all are the enemies of Sanatan Dharma though they don’t realize it yet.


The biggest enemy of Sanatan Dharma are the leftists who have infiltrated the media, education, temple administration, politics, unions, etc. They do not let any modern educational institutes teach about our ancient knowledge systems, they will not let any history books be altered, they insist on having only Islamic rulers in our school History books, they use our temple monies for purposes other than promoting Sanatan Dharma, they keep talking about ‘intolerance’ of the majority religion, want our country to be split into a hundred pieces and God know what else. All this is in the open and still nobody is seemingly able to stop them. A failed system which is now trying to destroy our heritage and culture.

Let us all be aware of the dangers and pitfalls our Sanatan Dharma is facing and let us first educate ourselves about our ancient culture and heritage. Let us teach our children too about Sanatan Dharma.

Jai Hind !!!


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Comment Dear Rati,
The article ends with conflict.
At beginning you mention Acceptance as the essence.
You end with so much bitterness.
Do you mean before the 'Foreign' invaders- there was no killings/rapes in wars between the thousand kingdoms.
Was Asoka following Abraham faith.
Dont dilute the goodness of faith in God professed by all major religions including sanatgan dharma.
Whatever killings were done in the name of Religion were not for God. This is why we need to condemn the likes of Taleban/VHP

A Pandit
10-Nov-2018 05:42 AM

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