Samajwadi Party Goonda Raj - 2

Having petitioned the President of the Union of India, the Prime Minister, The Union Home Minister, The Governer UP, a section of the media started taking an interest in the matter. Bravely enough, the local popular Hindi newspaper in Western UP Amar Ujala, took the lead to highlight the matter in its 9th of April 2016 edition.

The PMO,  marked the matter to the Chief Minister Secretariat where it lay unattended. A reminder to the PMO two months later resulted in the matter being taken up by the Chief Secretary, UP who marked it to the Principal Secretary ( Home & Security ) and down to the SSP, Jhansi.

The SHO, Sadar, in a call to the under signed expressed his discomfiture in reporting against the MLA, being directly under the political dispensation in the state. He reportedly sought transfer. 

The first report of his successor, “that the parties have arrived at an amicable settlement through phone calls” was not found convincing enough and was rejected by his superiors. A report “ that the MLA has procured the premises legally from one of the family members” was found acceptable and uploaded on the UP Govt website

A number of  documents procured through RTI's reveal how the system was manipulated by the Samajwadi Party Land mafia to serve its ends.

(a) A 'rental agreement' that formed the basis of the SHO's report states -

  • An amount of Rs Ten Lacs has been paid ‘lumpsum’ to the benficiaries, Suruchi Arora & Abhishek Bhasin (This woman, Suruchi Arora, is not related to and neither was, to any member of the family)

  •  The rental agreement also bears the signature and thumb impression of Abhishek Bhasin (A minor at the time of signing of the agreement and who being under their forceful & unlawful custody, was made to sign under threat to life)

  • The rental agreement states, it is for 10 years.

It is pertinent to note that-

  • the agreement does not mention PAN # of any of the signatories.

  • the agreement is not registered. ( It is mandted by law that all rental agreements above 3 years should be registered)

  •  There is no mention of Chq / Pay Order / Draft #; Undoubtedly the money was paid in cash !

A copy of the agreement has been sent to the Income tax authorities ( ) under a new initiative by our Prime Minister to unearth black money as also the DG, Directorate of Revenue Inteligence.

(b) A request for copies of the photographs taken by the police from the site of the murder of Amit Bhasin drew a reply - "The police did not take photographs since the deceased, Amit, was a known person. Only photograhs of unknown persons are taken " 

Interestingly, the local papers carried photographs taken from the site of the murder. 

(c) The copy of the Post Mortem report is an eye opener. Written in illegible hand it states nothing about the fractures in both arms of Amit that he had sustained in an accident.

(d) A reply from the Forensic Lab, Agra states that no chemicals were found In the viscera samples sent to it.

Amit was a Bi-Polar and was under medication. His discharge summary from VIMHANS, Delhi mentions the following medicines prescribed by Dr. Sanjay Pattanayak  (a) Divaa 500 mg (b) Serenace 10mg (c) Olimelt 10mg (d) Phenargan 25 mg (e) Zapiz 2 mg 

Abhishek has disclosed the names of the conspirators and they are as follows -

  1. Rashmi Arya , MLA Maurinipur

  2. Jai Prakash Arya ( Pappu Seth) – the MLA’s husband

  3.  Harvinder Singh, a white collar criminal, the right hand man of Papu Seth and who runs Metro Hospital near Hansari village with one Dr, Javed Ahmed who presumably procured his medical degree from Russia. As per information provided by Abhishek, Harvinder Singh heads the cartel that peddles narcotics in the region and is helped by one Dr. Iqbal Khan, a psychiatrist who has a clinic near the medical college.

  4.  Abdul Shahid, who runs Columbus School, in the premises that were once known as La- Scala Cinema, before it was grabbed by the mafia; It is here that the ill gotten wealth of the MLA is invested. 

  5. Naseem Bhai, a protoge of Harvinder Singh. He is incharge of manufacturing illegal weapons (Sniper guns, country made pistols, cartridges etc) that are supplied to criminals by Bantoo & Dau. Naseem had set up manufacturing within the premises of this property which was wound up hurriedly when Abhishek stumbled upon it inadvertently. Naseem shifts base frequently.

  6. Suruchi Arora, the moll of Papu Seth and Harvinder; is a call girl from Mumbai. She is used to Honey-trap soft targets. She is helped by one Sonia Singh (Sunita Arora) who poses as her mother and her so called husband, Rajinder Prasad Singh and so called brother Abhishek Anand (her pimp) (All originally from Bihar but now residing in Mumbai)

  7. Avinash (Babboo) Bhalla, a small time property broker through who, offers of pitance are sent to the affected parties. He boasts of having links with the Dubai under world and often uses a Dubai No.


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