The Empowerment

They say still women empowerment has not taken place in India. But how so many sophisticated ladies and girls participated in Women's Parliamentarians meeting at Guntur; and the congregation includes empowered women from all walks of life.

If employment and being in public life is empowerment then many boys and men are not empowered in present India.

There is lot of unemployment among "not-fair sex" in our society. Which politician, NGO, government, women sympathisers take their cause? Many males are living a life of non-dignity, depravations of all kinds, and they do not have right to livelihood. Who champions for them? Is it they have to languish like that as cheerless Individuals for life? Who brightens their lives? If all women are empowered and many men are not are all these liberals, intellectuals, legislators, governments comfortable? Why this kind of discrimination against boys and men?

All these should have sympathy for "not-fair sex" also. It is a reality that governments, NGOs, intellectuals, women's liberators should have objective analysis of current social situation. Parroting 1950 situations in 2017 is ridiculous and sans commonsense.

Let everyone get empowered, women and men also. Let us treat both equally and think of empowering both without bias. Let us be realistic; neither pessimistic nor idealistic. Individuals must be motivated irrespective of their gender, caste, community, region, religion, ideology and like divisions. Wish all concerned will take care of men and women and empower them based on their capabilities, efficiency, use to society and not merely based on gender, caste, community, region, religion, ideology and like.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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