Role of a Honest Teacher in My Life

We all know that a teacher should have all the good qualities such as he/she should be friendly, be of helping nature, guide us when we are wrong etc. When I was a student in Kendriya Vidyalaya, one day, I came across such a teacher about whom I have no  words to describe. He is so loving kind-hearted teacher I had ever met. He was non other than my school’s Mathematics teacher. My teachers used to tell me that your teachers are our second god on earth after our parents and that day I felt as if I had met my second god in real.

Actually, when I was small I was a poor student in mathematics. One day, when my mathematics teacher saw me that I was not able to solve problems, he at that time punished me and slapped me too. I became very angry just like other students used to do. But the next day I got astonished when I entered into the class. I found my mathematics teacher awaiting for me in the classroom. He came near to me and told me that he would teach me maths separately without taking any money. At that moment I felt as if God giving me hands to grow and prosper in mathematics. He was really an honest teacher. I started loving and respecting him and began learning to do maths in the way he instructed me to do.

After 7 months, I became an expert in solving mathematical problems. I scored top in the class as well as in the competitive exams. After that I realized the importance of a good, kind-hearted and an honest teacher in my life. After 1 year, he was transferred to another Kendriya Vidyalaya. On this day I for the first time cried a lot of losing  my favourite teacher. After his departure, everybody were talking about him most of the time that proved his greatness. I think he was much more than a teacher for me.

One day, I was watching a film i.e.,Taare Zameen Par. After the film was over I found the cover story to be similar to my own experience. In that film, there was also a teacher who taught a small child who was a student in a boarding school. He was also a great teacher like my mathematics teacher. In this film I saw how an art teacher can guide a child in scoring good marks in all the subjects. Really, I cannot forget my mathematics teacher till my death.


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