A Well-dressed Achievement, Striped Naked

Over the last decade, heaven has gone through many changes. One of the best and my fav has been the introduction of the internet. There are tons of heavenly websites and social networks for people of heaven to connect with the people of almost all regions. It's not that hell doesn't has internet, it's just the speed there is very very slow. Here at heaven, it is some whooping 108 GB/s. I had a chat with a woman from hell, last to last week. She told me, she wished to be a human again. That made me realise my own dream.

In heaven, we are given one wish. Only one. We have to be clear in our heads, what we are asking for is grantable and realistic. I would have asked to be a human again, but even for god, that's impossible. There is no such thing like the walking dead. So, I asked to be among the humans, and to be on earth for atleast a week. This wish was granted. There is some attraction to this human world, that even the gods can't resist.

It has been a week, since I came back to earth. Everything is changed. Earth looks more like heaven, than heaven does. The air here is very fowl though. I was transported to Khairpur by the Bhagwan express. They left me at a very unfamiliar place. It took me a moment to realise that I was revisiting after hundreds of years. Change is inevitable. So, I looked for maps on the internet. But heavens internet restricts human websites. The only human websites available to us is Wikipedia. It's a shame these people have nothing or very little information on the Khairpur area. After searching a lot, I stumbled upon this fact. The Khairpur village was now transformed into a huge park. Named Lodhi garden. I am happy, the king of this time is a good man. He didn't let the family name of the great lodhis die.

I was happy to be among humans. It made me feel alive. But something here was very sickening. The pictures of the great sheesha gumbad on the internet. Its outer beauty is destroyed. I had to see it with my own eyes. So there I went. Lodhi garden is very lush and green compared to Khairpur. A lot of people visit here. I have to say, the people of this kingdom are very noisy and to a point very stupid. Playing stupid games and posing stupidly in front of weird devices, they call phones. I walked through them. Having my little fun. They can't see or feel me. They can only hear me. This all lasted for a short while and my smile went away when I saw the gumbad myself. Oh! Boy. This is a disaster. I looked around and found my signature on one of the inner stones - 'Balram sardar*'. It survived but I was shattered to pieces to see what had been done to this building. A well dressed achievement, striped naked. If I was in my human body, tears wouldn't have stopped. I designed this building. Worked on it day and night. Each stone on this structure was layed under my supervision. Origionally it was decorated with friezes of blue enamelled tiles which gave it its shine and the resemblance of a building made of glass. Thus I named it shisha gumbad. Lord Sikandar Lodi was so delighted by me and honoured me. Even my good king would have been in tears after seeing this ruin.

If we, ghosts could have any power on earthly material, I would have had put every tile on it with my own hands.

I can't stand the sight of this anymore. feeling sick. I need medical attention. Am going back to heaven. Never to return.

I curse all the people who did this, that when they die and return just like me, they would see there life long work, burnt to ashes. They would want to cry on the ruins of the one reason they lived for but they can't.

*Balram sardar - Designer of Sheesha Gumbad.


More by :  Arihant Jain

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