My Europe Trip: Impressions and the Wisdom gained

My fourteen day sojourn to a part of Europe was no doubt enjoyable as well as memorable for a long time to come. However, it extended a sort of wisdom to me on what one should bear in mind while venturing or planning for multiple destinations of international travel.

  • First you should be within 50 years and perfect health conditions especially without sugar, blood pressure, and most importantly arthritis problems
  • You should be able to withstand very cold temperature conditions like 3°C to 10°C even during daytime with sun well above your head.
  • You should be mentally move around with an enthusiasm of the 18 to 30 year old youth with lot of energy
  • If you are a strict vegetarian, you are doomed unless otherwise you happened to stay in a friend’s place where Indian cooking is possible with Indian vegetarian delicacies.
  • You at any point should not try to convert Euros into INR or dollars into INR as that will only give rude shocks and not pleasure
  • You should be ready to scale heights without flinching by trekking steep staircases without railings. (Believe I had to climb up and down 71 stairs for just go to loo in Paris, France near Eiffel Tower.)
  • Should be ready to walk long distances some time slopes and downs in the chill weather even if the months are March to April to explore the city.
  • You should love tasting a variety of unfamiliar western food items which are most of the times either stupidly bland or cloyingly sweet.
  • Must be well versed in using smart phone; because even if you lost your way, you can easily find your way back if you know the address with the map which will guide you.
  • Shopping should be better done between 10 to 5, as the shops get closed by 5 or 6 in the evening.
  • Should be willing to slow drinking (alcohol) and late night dinners.
  • Should always be aware about your jacket, sweater, bags, mufflers, wallet, mobile phone, passport etc. and also the house keys you carry.
  • Every place you visit may not be interesting to you; but, should have the open mind to appreciate the better aspects of it.
    It would be good and fortunate if you are accompanied by a youngster who is familiar with the western world and culture with alertness.
  • The places will be amazingly tidy, clean and absolutely devoid of garbage.
  • Many of the strangers we meet will be polite and courteous. You should know how to return it.
  • Should be ready to spend money without hesitation or feeling guilty
  • Toilets are not free; there will be charges and from 50 to 75 cents for using toilet in public places.
  • You should have cards or currency to buy tickets. Cards have to be swiped during boarding the trains or trams while boarding and getting down.
  • You should realize that world is changing continuously and you should also know /learn how to adapt yourself to the changes.
  • It is useless and unwise to travel with heavy luggage. One jean, two T shirts, a sweater and a jacket in your backpack will be enough to travel.
  • Inside the house in Den Laag, I felt lazy and feel like sleeping always unless I do some work. It is because of the climate.
  • A smart phone also helps you to be update with newspapers and other details.
  • The population throughout the world keeps increasing and travelers are naturally plenty.
  • Those who migrate to west in early years will get used to that life very fast. There is no way to expect them to return to India.
  • It is positively uncomfortable to travel in economy class on long distance international sectors. Go for business or first class.
  • India will figure in the cheapest country in the whole world. No doubt. But, is the most dirty, highly in disciplined and disorganized country also.
  • If you are a miser and hesitant to spend money, please avoid foreign travels.
  • Even if you travel by Business class, the terminals and gates will be far off and you need to walk 15 to 20 minutes minimum through climbing and going down and passing through escalators or elevators.
  • Emirates Airlines provides the best service.

Above all, one should be a game for travel.


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