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The Chronic Mansion - A Horror Fiction Novel

Author:  Azhar Sabri
Country:  India
Language:  English
Genre:  Fiction
Publisher:  Blue Rose Publishers
Released on: February 22, 2017
Pages:  130
ISBN:  9781684180028
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, ebay and Shopclues

The Chronic Mansion (which is also an old bungalow that is situated around three km away from Azad Nagar) is a horror fiction novel, authored by Azhar Sabri, and was published by Blue Rose Publishers in February 2017. This is a story of three school boys and a girl. One day an incident happens and the girl is accidently killed by them.

“Let’s take her to the hospital,” I heard Daljeet saying emotionally.
“Are you kidding me, dude? The moment she is out of our grasp she will blurt out everything. They will file a complaint against us for gang rape. What will happen then? Let alone police, our own families will squeeze the life out of us,” Rahul said frustrated.
“Yes, right Rahul” Pratik agreed with him.
“So now?” Daljeet asked.
“There is no other way but to kill her,” Rahul said in a faint voice.
“What? What are you talking Rahul? She is our classmate,” Daljeet stammered out of shock. “No, we can’t do it, we just can’t do it. We can’t take the burden of such a heavy sin on our conscience,” Pratik denied, so did Daljeet.
“Wow great, whatever you did a few minutes earlier was not a sin? Did you even think for a bit when she was begging us, about sin and virtue? And by the way, I tried to stop you guys that time, but you, ignored me,” Rahul shouted angrily on Pratik.

All the characters and their roles are assigned very well. I mostly liked Wasim’s character who always supported his friend, Rahul Mehrotra, and was ready for every battle for friendship. He holds the plot of the story till the end. Secondly, a very naughty and funny character, Dimple Mehra, who is a cousin of Rahul Mehrotra, usually helps Wasim in every moment. They struggle a lot to find the solution for the complexity which comes with the death of Pratik and Daljeet.

The story is good so far. It never felt boring and the reading was enjoyable. The plot is maintained smartly and the characters are clarified very well.  I personally suggest everyone go through this at least once.

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Reviewed by: Shams Wali


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