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April Snow vs May Flowers

Its Scandinavia after all. Every April, after a few weeks of calm from extreme cold, we get 'April Snow' ---that settles calmly on newly sprung leaves and buds. It rests there, knowing that it will loose in a few weeks. Its last attempt at getting attention. And, usually it gets a combination of grins and groans!! Smiles and Sighs!! It sure makes for interesting pictures---showing us the contrasts that we are surrounded by.

So, who do you think will win in the month of April? The bud or the snow? My guess, it is life---its the bud. A bit stunted growth, a slow beginning but in a few days, the green bud will turn into a beautiful white flower, only its smiles will be much warmer than white snow!!


More by :  Charu Uppal

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