Cause for Celebration: Asylum for Economic Offenders

Cause for Celebration

Ministers not resigning when courts found them enough "criminal" and "accused" in corruption cases, other type of cases going on in various courts is very bad precedent; which is being indulged by every political party and the chief ministers themselves are fighting corruption, criminal, economic offence cases without resigning with impunity is very ridiculous and is giving very bad name for Indian democracy. Fraudsters, criminals, offenders of various types even using constitutional positions to avoid legal proceedings is a sad and dangerous reality of Indian political leaders. None cares for proprietary and is not at all ashamed that they are in and out of jail. And the voters electing such characters again and again is shameful implementation of democratic process in India. All other elite criminal citizens are faithfully imitating their political peers’ behavior and none from these gangs of offenders not respecting Indian democracy and legal proceedings is very unpleasant commentary on Indian nationals and nation. Very advanced from these gangs even claim they are innocent as they won in the people's court by getting elected again cases against them must be withdrawn. Let us celebrate our fellow voters and the kind of representatives and rulers they elect.


Economic offenders and "asylum"

The UK, other European countries, the USA have been welcoming and giving asylum to all kinds of terrorists of many third world developing countries, in the name of human rights' protection. Now many economic offenders and fraudster of many kinds are also getting asylum in the UK again in the name of human rights' protection. The problem with many western countries is their arrogant feeling that they are champions of human rights' protection and implementation.

This arrogance makes them not able to understand and appreciate the necessities of other countries when criminals commit offences in respective countries and take asylum or reside there fleeing law enforcing agencies and judiciary of that country making fun of that countries' attempt to repatriate financial fraudsters and economic offenders. UK law and judicial process must also consider the view of governments also and not just caring for non-violation of human rights when they are repatriated to their respective countries where they committed the fraud and feeling "secure" by fleeing their countries and settling in the UK or other western countries.

Malyas, Modis are enjoying the same patronage as criminals, terrorists and other inhuman gangs is a sorry state of affairs prevailing in the UK and other western countries. The west has been at the receiving end by terrorists and terror organizations only recently, 9/11. Hope the west helps by repatriating criminals of all hues and colors to respective to their respective countries. Giving refuge and asylum to economic, terror related individuals and gangs unmindful of the severity of their offenses. Wish wisdom prevails on UK and the rest of western countries before they become victims of these offenses.


Moral authority is the highest authority. The authority of the government, rowdyism, criminals, terrorists, money, and other materialistic authorities have to sub-serve the moral authority. Revolutions of lasting nature are brought out by righteous people with their moral and spiritual traits.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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