True and False

The title says it all. I am going to guide you towards life’s amazing ways, to lead to the destination, the ultimate truth--- that smiling is your only choice.

So please make a sunny face, and smile with me, as you read this article, and remain happy the rest of the way.

A smile is such a medicine, such a therapy, such a mantra ,such a motivation,that if you smile you will need no Doctor, no Psychiatrist, no Preacher, no Guide any more-- to make you healthy, happy and wise. "Smile" leads to the true way to live and "Frown" to the false way.

How can I smile? You say, when my jobs sucks, my neighbors are no good, my family hates me and my car breaks down,when I need it. I say, very simple, just make a Sunny face and you will soon realize you are the best that can be – and that, your family simply loves you, and you have the best job in the whole wide world and your car is just the best jalopy ever built. A "Smile" makes all that happen. Yes sir, try it and you will like it. The false way you are trying to live is frowning all the time , at everything, and  at everyone. Frowning is the FALSE way of handling life. This lesson, about truth and falsehood, is never taught by anyone to any one – but it remains the single most important lesson in life.

Why is it so, is explained in our scriptures known as the Vedas and Puranas. The concept of maya is totally explained in there. Maya is what you see--- is not so, it appears to be so. The Sun is not going around the earth it is the other way around , you have done nothing by your freewill in life, it only appears to be so,  but God does everything for you, yes, everything ---absolutely and totally.

Hey! I noticed you have started to frown as soon as  I mentioned that  God is doing everything in your life. Please do not sweat just smile and keep on reading.

Did you select your parents, did you? Did you select where and when you were born? Did you select your neighbors, your siblings, your friends, the people who came in to your life? Did you select your schools your professors, your coworkers your bosses everything that Maya tells you, you selected. No you did not , Period. In truth all of these, 100%, were selected by God for you, yes sir 100%. Every storm every thunder every Sunshine every rain drop was selected by God for you, and nothing absolutely nothing you can do whatsoever to change it. Period again. Your IQ, your health, your looks, your personality, your education your knowledge your good and bad, that you think are good and bad, your religion your friends your attitude is all 100% --God given.

And there are seven Billion of us, each totally unique, in looks, feel and touch. Each born at the place and time selected by God, to the parents selected by Him, into the religion-- selected by Him.

So, my friends, accept the truth, and smile. What is true-- is never accepted by most, and they accept 100% what is false, because no one can see God , the truth that is – just like they see the is Sun going around the Earth, and can never see, that in truth, it is the Earth that is going around the Sun- and no one can see that in reality it is the Earth that is going around the Sun. That is why there is so much anger and hate and selfishness around. The truth is not visible to almost anyone. We tend to see material thing and think they are true source of happiness , not realizing the moment you buy a car it becomes a source of anger and despair, instead of happiness. Try bringing God in your life accept everything with a smile even your car, and remain happy "Smile" is the key, to the door of your heart ,where God lives, smile and accept , and soon you will know the Truth.

We have simply lost the key to open the doors of our hearts where God lives, and without that key we have become homeless. "smile" is that key simple as 123, we come to this world clueless crying and as we go through our lives we learn to smile. Bust most of us never do so, and most of us never get the key to His home our heart, I want you to realize this as the only truth that there is-- your  smile is the key to your heart where God lives.

So now you know, I am wondering do you really?


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