BJP and Telugu States

Regional parties of the Telugu states are in an alert mode and are dramatically pressing "panic" button for the current visit of the BJP president in the two Telugu states and his utterances. One thing is sure. BJP no longer wants to play second fiddle to these family-controlled parties. KCR is still chanting Telangana pride mantra to counter BJP trials.

In AP there's no such regional pride to cash on. So second rung TDP leaders started tirade against BJP with (without) blessings from the adhinayaka ever since PM gave audience to opposition leader for 40 minutes.

The TDP people's representatives are trying to blackmail their adhinayaka as they felt he has become weak in leadership and governance. The law and order problem aggravated by daily day light murders among party leaders and faction families. But BJP is not having a strong AP leader to shoulder the responsibility of increasing the chances of BJP in elections.

One senior Telugu BJP leader, who is also a Union minister has migrated to other states to go to the upper house and declared long time back that he represents the state which sent him to Rajya Sabha. This same leader helped BJP to be where it is for the last 3 to 4 decades. Somehow he felt comfortable to be in alliance with the regional party as a tag or tail and never worked for independence.

AP is fully caste ridden state full of caste affiliated voters. They elect based on caste only, not at all caring for development plank.

So it is the duty of BJP president? to identify a dominant caste leader to lead BJP in AP. In AP for the last 4 decades, same leaders are juggling among various political parties playing their cards wisely and wildly to be always able to be with the ruling party and continue getting pelf and protect their business and political interests. They never cared for citizens' interest and welfare and peculiarity the voters continue electing them again and again based on caste factors.

Adhinayaka's master stroke of admitting many representatives from opposition party seems countering his calculations and is making him a prey to vilany scheming of his wily legislators. None is either respecting or fearing him. BJP is not able to cash on this opportunity for want of efficient and dedicated cadre and leaders.

There is no leader to represent Modi in AP. So BJP president's Telugu states trip is only a testing waters trip. Alliance with the opposition party appears an alternative but how far the corrupt - image of the leader of the opposition takes it to the hustings and helps it to win considerable number of seats is any body's guess.

The caste affiliations of voters damaged UP. They changed this trend in UP and voted for development. But earlier Bihar preferred caste to clean politics and it is having the government it deserves. Similarly AP seems to embrace caste prominent cum entertainer leadership despite its earlier ridiculous, useless and funny experience with the brother. Let's see what evolves.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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