A Futile Search of heart

Can I see another's woe, and not be in sorrow too? Can I see another's grief, and not seek for kind relief? – William Blake

Rohit woke up suddenly at mid of night after a disturbed sleep. His restlessness disturbed the sleep of his wife Reena also. She also woke up and got surprised at worried and utter despair face of his husband. Nothing was wrong yesterday. They enjoyed a film together at local INOX and a pleasant dinner at Barbeque Nations. They together talked to their son and daughter who are well settled at Bengaluru. There was seemingly no tension at Rohit’s office. What went wrong? All these thought set ripples in Reena’s mind. She could assess all the aspects in a flash. She could not fathom out what was cause of worry for his husband.  By the time she could think all these; her husband went to wash room to sprinkle some water on his face and tried his best to appear normal.

Reena was not convinced at that and insisted Rohit to see a doctor at nearby hospital. Rohit refused. It seemed Rohit wanted to express something but some unknown force resisted hard. Reena heard from her friends that usually male conceal their illness so that their near and dears are not subjected to any sort of tension. When this thought was honking at her mind she virtually dragged Rohit out of their apartment and drove straight to Apollo Hospital which was 10 minutes drive away.

Rohit was admitted and the specialists were summoned immediately. All the checkups were done throughout the night. The doctors could not find any significant in Rohit’s body Chemistry and Physics. They discharged him after breakfast. Reena insisted that doctors should see him again after a day or two. She also asked for some medicines which doctors refused. Half hearted Reena along with Rohit left the hospital.

Reena did not allow Rohit to go to office. In fact Reena did not hesitate to call up his office surreptitiously to enquire whether everything was in order or not in office. His entire colleague reassured Reena that there was no problem in office and everything was in order. In fact Rohit was selected as best employee of the year that day and he would receive the award in a glittering ceremony next week. Rohit is a charming personality and was liked by everybody.

Reena had a tough time in the evening. Scores of his colleagues throngs their apartment and Reena had to prepare tea and snacks for everybody. Reena was happy to see his husband in cheerful mood in presence of his colleagues even though at times the guests and Reena found Rohit a bit absent minded. Everyone asked him what the problem was. Rohit could not say anything. He brushed aside the questions about his mind and health with a sweet smile. Rohit insisted nothing has happened to him and he was fine. Everyone could guess something was missing but no one was having any clue.

Next day Reena called up their children and narrated the entire episode. The children were taken aback and wanted to visit their place. Reena asked them not to hurry and to wait for some more time.

Reena had no other option but concentrated on keeping Rohit busy. Rohit was not in a mood to go out for shopping or movie. Reena asked him to make a short trip to nearby beach resort. Rohit reluctantly agreed. They enjoyed couple of days. Still Rohit was not in his usual form. His anxiety and paranoia was quite visible to Reena.

Anyway few days have passed. There was no significant change in Rohit. His sugar level has gone up drastically. Doctor advised no medicine thinking that was due to some unknown stress. They advised diet control only.

The following day Rohit went to office after a week. Reena was tensed. She was continuously on mobile so that she doesn’t lose track of Rohit. Continuous message and WhatsApp made Reena busier than other days. Anyway it is time for Rohit’s return.

Reena kept her finger crossed and contemplating the safe return of Rohit is good frame of body and mind. Basically they love each other so much that since marriage they were never separated except during official tours. Finally Rohit returned. The car stopped at the garden gate. Rohit came out gracefully with smile in his face. He was crooning expressively to his wife like usual days. She hugged and went inside the apartment in their usual gaiety.

What were the reasons for trauma for one week? Reena still ponders!! Who knows how long she has to wait for the answer? She does not dare to ask Rohit. She does not want to lose him even for a day!!


More by :  Abhijit Sur

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