A Good Government’s Way

of Raising Funds for Developmental Projects!

Instead of making one price for one nation, central govt. has embarked on one tax for one nation!  Majority of the people are poor and may not feel the rigour of this heavy taxation; but middle class working people, small industrialists, weavers and even village cottage industry farmers who are already economically not happy are made to suffer like salt rubbed on their wounds already!

Previously State governments were collecting small taxes with rates not so huge as of now by GST! Central govt. was collecting tax on interstate sales of goods by CST, Central Excise and Customs duties.  But by GST both are going to share tax revenues with Central govt. getting its share of pie on each and everything from everyone! It is a clever move of Central govt. to hoodwink both State governments and also, all people in one stroke!

To put it plain, GST is another new name for all taxes in one!  If prices of all things are as were in the past by tax in the new name, no one will make any hue and cry at all! Already MRP (Maximum retail Price) prices are being fixed for many items like paste, toys, medicines, etc.  In the same way, why can't both Central and State governments fix MRP price tags for all goods for establishing one nation in the real sense?

Above all, really, a good government would concentrate on the production of quality goods in surplus for bringing down prices, improving export potentialities for accruing funds needed for various developmental projects of nation and promoting sales of products locally and abroad by minimizing taxes to the extent of abolishing them one day!


More by :  T. A. Ramesh

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