Narendra Modi – Moving and Motivating People

‘Movements’ normally denote a group of people in action, seeking a change in society or desirous of undoing a change that may have happened to their dislike. Technically, the flow of demand is from public to government. What we seek is a legal solution to the challenges we face from existing order.

If this is the case and to my understanding is, then we in India are probably experiencing a trend reversal. Herein, I introduce the model of ‘Jan Samarthan’, that is, (which our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is so effectively using), to launch of socio-economic and political reforms on the strength of ‘Popular Support’.

What’s happening here in India is: the government is moving really fast. It’s like a wonder for anyone to see. Apart from anxiety of confused opposition, the nation at large is feeling a clear shift from cold status-quo-ism to hot pursuits.

Modi is upholding the sanctity of popular support. There is no real grouping of people happening to raise new demands. Rather this government is demanding of people that they should live a more decent and dignified life. Possibly he is able to feel the sensation of difficulties people are in. ‘Can we make things a little better, and still better from here’; his mission is to keep on trying.

Nobody ever expected a flood of social initiatives and economic reforms. Before people can digest the delicacies, fresh meals are at service again. The nation is kept on its toes; those who are willing to move will find pleasure in engagement; those who want to relax will not be able to sit back!

Modi’s approach is action oriented. Objects will neither move nor systems change on their own. Somebody really needs to lift, put them on wheel and push. It’s him. He is overhauling the entire structure, not step by step, big stride followed by a bigger one.

As we migrate from obsolete systems to a more digital economy, coping up with rapid changes, updating own infrastructure and knowledge, adjusting to new order - all this is keeping everyone involved; already impacting the way we live and the way forward.

Driven by nationalist majority ‘Samarthan’, what appear tough decisions, become easy for him; because Modi is popular and the trust of the majority in Modi is unshakable. His sincerity of dedication to whatever he professes is so well taken, he can bank upon this Jan Samarthan to launch another moment of exuberance.

Purpose of digitization is to plug the gaps. Its objective is to create a balance while making disclosure of certain transactions mandatory; and also keeping the clerk away from citizens as far as possible and rendering visits to offices by citizens futile. Once systems are in place, people are willing to comply with rules of business. Failure in compliance triggers some fine and penalty. With both procedures and assessments being automated, it effectively becomes citizen centric while guaranteeing revenue security. Exactly what people have been demanding since ages!

Yes, it hurts a selected few – the operators in parallel economy. Too much of money is flowing in dirty hands. Be it evasions or waivers. His message is clear: ‘Mend your ways and make it better for yourself’.

He is living all his time for the nation. That gives him happiness. I have never seen Modi perturbed.

He has no hidden agenda. Modi is clear. Whatever is good for the Nation, is good for the people. And by ‘people’ we mean all people including opponents; but count on the majority who matter! All his campaigns are electrifying. Even the seasoned opponents never foresaw that change would come so soon!

No one can imagine how elements of uncertainty will take shape. That apart, Modi Ji has indeed set the standard of people’s aspirations much higher than people on their own would have demanded. He has thrown the challenge unto himself to make a billion people work. By displaying an ecosystem of ‘Resurgence Everywhere’, there is a share for anyone to take in this New India movement of partnership and participation.

The physical and mental impulses which run in the society, he knows how to induce and suppress them. He is able to nurture, be benevolent, or take away on the call of the situation, yet emit goodwill.

He is a dabang leader! He may not necessarily narrow down on the possibilities of resent or backfire. He has taken his chances well and each time hit the target. Preceding leaderships professed much without practice. He is actually living and demonstrating what he says through visible execution. With every decision, he has emerged stronger. Successive electoral results have accorded approval to Modi’s style of working.

People of this nation have been least demanding while country ran ‘Ram Bharose’. They had reconciled with life and destiny, and so to say, perfected the art of adapting to fate. But now he has made the people to taste the nectar of self-respect, of freedom, of living a dignified life.

Narendra Modi is no more an individual. He himself has become a Movement. This Jan Samarthan, the Popular Support, is very crucial for his momentum to go on.

PS: This article is not Modi worship. Not all praise. This is his actual position with mainstream nationalist majority as on date. Also, I have deliberately avoided giving examples and illustrations of government’s performance and achievements. They are well publicised. With him in control, its Diwali throughout the year. Expect the spectacle of fireworks going.


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