“Silence, Absolute Silence!” the entire world was lulled to sleep. Only I was wide awake beneath a silent starry night, when the wind blew silently and I was taken silently down the memory lane.

It was about 2 o’ clock in the night when I lay wide awake on my bed. I walked into the garden silently and was greeted by the placid environment of the silent night. The moon showered her silver light on me, and this added on to my nostalgic mood.

I remembered my pet dog, Dingo, who had left me forever silently two months ago. He was a cute, dutiful dog and my best companion, and so his sudden death had shattered me completely and made me lonely. I knelt down before the deserted kennel which stood silently at the corner of the garden, and a sudden ray of hope to see my sweet Dingo lying curled up there flashed in my mind for a while. Oh! Poor Fate! Even after two months of his death I could not accept that he is no more, nowhere to be found.( I now have no one to wake me up from my sleep by sweetly licking my face.) I wish I could travel back in the time machine to the golden days I spent with Dingo. There… There beside his abandoned Kennel, lay his favourite toy which he never parted with.

However, now everything is immersed in deep silence. My dear Dingo was very restless and active. He used to greet guests with his loud bark. And look today! How silently he sleeps in his grave.

“Wake up, dear! Come back. I miss you”, I murmured softly. However, no one returned and I was answered by the hoot of an owlet. Looking at Dingo’s silent grave, I suddenly had a feeling in my heart that he, through his silence, is conveying to me that he would always be there for me.

I don’t know for how long I sat there beside the grave of my favourite companion who had gone back to sleep forever…peacefully. It was my mother’s call that brought me back from my trance. It was 5 o’ clock in the morning then and the birds sat chirruping on the boughs of the trees. I plucked a rose and placed it on Dingo’s little grave.

Tears ran down my cheeks silently and I, with a heavy heart, silently came back to my room.


More by :  Pallabi Ghosal

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