Indian Secularism

I am bemused how groups "preaching" and supporting religion become communal and not groups practising, "preaching", supporting, and using casteism, ideologies and regionalism are not communal!

Communal word comes from community and any community-oriented ideologies or affiliations are also equally communal as religion-affiliated groups.

Our convenience, likes, dislikes, limited intelligence and preferences cannot change meanings of words. But in India, the word "communal" is reserved for BJP and RSS! Why?

It is because others who find fault with these organisations want to get votes of communities of other communal affiliations.

Peculiar and laughable intellectuals are thriving on Indian tolerance, practised by many Indians irrespective of their religious, casteist, regional and ideological affiliations.

This grand and gracious gesture of majority of Indians is misused by self-proclaimed, self-propelled and self-serving intellectual and political "secular" groups.

Secularism is having equal respect for all religions, communities, regions and ideologies; having dislike, "distaste", hatred amounting to uncivilised and uncultured expressions about Hinduism and Brahminism; secularism is not.

Secularism is saintly. Secularism is not, liking one community and not liking another community. Secularism is also not trying to spread hatred and falsity about Santana Dharma and Brahminism.

Any such attempts only show the hollowness of the modern intellectuals of their objectivity and transcendence, and also rationalists, social scientists, NGOs, social reformers and social analysts of their objectivity and transcendence.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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