Busy Bees in Honeycomb

Crossing the Mirage – Passing through Youth, Chapter 14

Continued from “Oasis of Bliss”

While the Chandras were in the seventh heaven, the Yadagiris set out to arrange the mundane things for them. They resolved that no stone should be left unturned to enable their bahu to lead a luxuriant life in the company of their son. It would be befitting to gift the newly acquired house near the High Court, to Nithya and get it furnished to the hilt. Why not name it Honeycomb? Wasn’t it time Chandra stopped riding the Vespa and started driving a Fiat with Nithya? So they welcomed the news of the honeymooners', overstay for it gave them time to complete the arrangements. Also, the marriage of their son made a huge difference to them psychologically as well. Long accustomed to despair that the tragic death of Vasavi had turned into trauma, Chandra’s romance cheered them up no end.

“Do you know,” Nithya said as they thought it fit to return home at last, “your value to my life?”

“Can I match you in articulation?” said Chandra admiringly.

“As I was stranded chasing the mirage of despair,” she said, as her eyes got moist, “you helped me cross it to reach the oasis of bliss. I shall be forever indebted to you.”

“If you hadn’t been my wife,” he said himself affected, “I would have remained forever mired in the mirage of malady.”

“You know,” she said lovingly, “how I love to entangle you in fatherhood.”

“As you deliver,” he said fondling her belly, “I will get onto the table.”

“Why wait that long?”

“Why become hors de combat,” he said winking at her, “in the midst of a hot pursuit?”

“On a horny turf,” she winked back at him.

“That's for a jackpot of ecstasy.”

“Enhancing my fulfillment,” she said playfully feeling her belly.

“What’s your wish,” he said joining her in the act, “boy or a girl?”

“Why not reconsider?” she said wanting nothing to take her away from her oasis of bliss. “I don’t want it to take anything away from us. Don’t you think we would be better off getting it off?”

“Don’t forget it’s this child that brought us together,” he said kissing her tummy. “I shall be grateful to it and shall love it for being your child.”

“I won’t praise you anymore,” she said pressing his head to her belly. “I’m tired of that.”

After a month-long honeymoon when the Chandras returned home, they were led by the Yadagiris into the Honeycomb to set up their nucleus family. As that parental gift of freedom eclipsed the paternal bitterness of the past, Chandra’s soul acquired a new avatar. And Nithya, who was gratified at being Chandra’s wife, couldn’t hold tears of gratitude for her in-laws' love and affection as well. And her parents too were heartened to see their daughter feted like a queen at Honeycomb by one and all.

It was in that frame of mind that the Chandras settled down in their Honeycomb to perpetuate their honeymoon.

“You look very handsome now,” Nithya told Chandra one day.

“I don’t know about that,” he said patting her head, “but I do feel fulfilled.”

“It was your bitterness more than your looks that made you feel wretched,’ she said leaning on him. ‘It’s true; the face is the index of mind.”

“Maybe you’ve got used to my looks and that makes the difference.”

“Ability too imparts beauty,” she winked at him.

Being at peace with himself, Chandra soon turned his attention to the business on hand. Realizing that dealing in pearls alone was a stagnant proposition, for a new line of business, he introduced precious stones. Also sensing a growing demand for designer jewellery, he made arrangements to subcontract. And to optimize the return on investment and to acquire a trendy look, he got the premises renovated. What with Nithya too showing an interest in his ventures, he began involving her in their execution. And as she exhibited a penchant for jewellery design, he entrusted the same to her care. With the value additions bringing in monetary returns, Yadagiri saw his dreams of a pearl empire for Chandra, with his queen in tow, coming true, after all.

Amidst great expectations, the time came for them to move Nithya to the maternity ward. As she delivered a girl child, Anasuya felt as though the newborn was a reincarnation of Vasavi. Yadagiri, however, felt it was Goddess Lakshmi who took birth in their house. After all, while the child grew up in her mother’s womb, didn’t their business grow as well? Besides, all were pleased that the girl was fair and beautiful like her mother.

“Isn’t she lovely like you?” said Chandra, looking fondly at the newborn.

“Glad I still appeal to you,” said Nithya pleased with herself, “but she’s really cute. It's all so thrilling.”

“I’m happy as well,” he said taking the babe in his arms. “I feel it’s my own child.”

“I’ve begun to feel it that way for long,” said Nithya winking at him. “After all, she had grown up in my womb embalmed with your cum.”

“What a way to feel,” he said joyously, “I'm glad she would grow up now caressed by my hand.”

“Oh, how you make things easy for me in every way,” she said taking his hand. “I love you and live for you.”

“I’m happy for both of us.”

“You know what makes me happier,” she said endearingly.


“Son, to be precise.”

“I’ll play my part, won’t I?”

“You won’t find me wanting either,” she said naughtily. “What’s the delay, are you looking for a young lady surgeon or what?”

“Of what avail any when your beauty has blinded me?” he said in all smile. “Besides, the operation would be over in a wink.”

“Anyway, I won’t allow you to sleep either way,” she said winking at him. “Be sure about that.”

“Still it takes time to go the true way, doesn’t it?”

“Whichever way it is,” she said, “be ready in time, won’t you?”

Came the third-month namakaranam and to the delight of the Yadagiris, the Chandras named their girl as Vasavi. And by then, Nithya too began to have fresh vision in her lovemaking as Chandra got his vas recanalised without anyone getting wiser about it.

Symbolizing the upbeat mood at the Pearl House and the Honeycomb, soon, in the collective consciousness of the people of the twin-cities, the old-world Pearl House was transformed into a jewellery house of note and repute.

Continued to “Twist in the Tale”


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