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Memories Can Only be Earned

According to me the memories which gets created by their own are the best in comparison to the memories which are created.

As a student if I share my experience then you all will come to know the purpose of my above sayings.

Whenever me and my friends gather for group study it has never ever given us marks but more than that it has given us the memories for lifetime. And yes this is the truth.

Memories cannot be created; they appear or generate suddenly.

Anything that leaves an impact on our mind either good or bad is a memory. Memories cannot be of always being happy, travelling to your favourite place or spending time with your loved once, Instead the pain of loosing something or someone, fighting with someone is also a memory only because it has its own impact on our mind.

I think judging memories that either they are good or bad depends on our perspective, how we see them.

Sometimes the things we think are bad are actually not.

For example - we all have had a fight with our brother or sister in childhood for a silly remote control of TV.

Although in my case it still happens.

So, it is not a big deal we all know, but at that time we become serious.

Now at this time it feels so funny and over whelming moment that ohh when we were child then we had fought for TV remote.

I know this example does not suit this topic, you all must be thinking that in childhood we don’t have that much capacity to think so how can we behave like elders, but why I have taken this as example is that if you see, this small fight leaves a great impact on our mind and that’s why only we still remember that particular moment. Now this is a good memory but in childhood we take it as a serious fight, a bad memory..

So as I have mentioned it depends our own ability that how we see something.

“The world is very beautiful and so is you, but never try to create memories instead try to earn them”.


More by :  Rajat Srivastava

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