Ayurvedic Suggestions for Low Vit B12 & D

‘Supplement’, but little differently!

It’s common nowadays to go self-testing and take vitamin supplements. Well as a physician, it’s more common to have people coming ‘by self’ blood reports done and just inquire “Doctor is there any medicine for this or that deficiency in Ayurveda? Just it, I want, nothing else needed!”

At times, I look up and wonder what and how to say the ‘right’. Today I will speak up differently.
Firstly, as an Ayurveda practitioner going strictly by my science (original written period) would say there is nothing such a concept of supplements in Ayurveda!

I know of, the next big question coming from you is: “Then, how can Ayurveda manage vitamin deficiencies and substitute this biochemistry alternative need…in Ayurveda really no vitamin tablet-capsules?”

“Yes we have and can, but little differently!”  

Well, friends, we all should know that wholesome food a balanced diet & proper lifestyle itself meets all the vitamin or biochemistry essentials our body needs of. When our digestion is good the body absorbs all the required nutrients from foods taken and thus there is no deficiency in body. In a disease condition when digestion is impaired and food intake is less, deficiency comes with complains. Ayurveda also mentions that one who despite taking good food but has improper digestion or assimilation will have complains. In other word when the ‘agni’ (digestive fire) is impaired, body results toxin of food indigestion (aam) which disturbs the normal balance of dosha (vata, pitta & kapha) thus resulting disease and its symptom (as certain deficiency).

Today we are ruled by laboratory reports, in earlier times the focus was more on the clinical presentations and diagnosis; this even general public should understand - Reports are not more important than your actual healthy feeling.

Coming back to the prime question, the answer is straight - proper food and good agni (digestion-assimilation) reverses the deficiency or disease process! In my practice and experience with Gurus (clinical teachers) have seen that during disturbed agni there is pitta vitiation which commonly result deficiency of vitamin D and B12.  The body in disturbed stage is unable to absorb-assimilate nutrients properly from food so our report shows deficiency; and a proper treatment of digestion (agni) and vitiated dosha with pathya (proper food-regimen) automatically helps in any and every deficiency.

Still not satisfied with what you looking, okay, before mentioning direct suggestion, let’s have a modern biochemistry look at this vitamins, what and from where it is sourced.

Vitamin B12 or Cyanocobalamin is a complex compound which helps in synthesis of DNA, fatty acid & myelin factor. Its deficiency results fatigue, weakness, tingling sensation in legs, memory loss,etc. It is commonly treated by supplementing with B12 capsules or in injected form. Normal nutrient source: Strictly speaking only animal source (meat, fish, egg…). Some references you may have have read somewhere, dal (pulses), etc. but its non-vegetarian food only which are direct source. So, the question, are all Vegetarians deficit of Vit B12 in lab reports? No, actually B12 is also synthesized with the help of bacteria. The milk products and the fermented products can be little source of B12.

Well, does it rather mean that all should have non-vegetarian for good reports. If so, then why today vit B12 deficiency is common in non-vegetarian, so it doesn’t even rule out that a non-veg will not suffers of this deficiency!

Coming to Ayurveda firstly it has never asked anybody and everybody to be a veg. or a non-veg.; it has only discussed properties of every type of food be it rice or fish, and left upon individual choice and need for what one practices. Going by words, if so, a non-veg with proper agni only will get vit b12 from food source, but, if so, then why in earlier times the vegetarian were not heard of B12 deficiency! Our answer for veggies is here, in earlier Indian traditional food included many of fermented products like gruel, dahi, buttermilk, etc. regularly. In most diseases the Ayurveda pharmacy list with Asava-Arista which are actually fermented syrup and are quite common in any Ayurveda prescriptions, this actually meets the demand seek off. Correcting of Agni with regard to our liver status and pitta subsequently brings in report normalcy. In clinics medicines like Punarnavadi Mandoor, Tapyadi Lauh, Navjeevan Ras, and ghrita preparations etc. are used to bring in the result. As Ayurveda is personalized individual specific need science, the recommendations for different person in different stage will be as per condition, a proper supervision and opinion of Vaidya is good before self-prescription in case.

You perhaps, didn’t get the short answer you wanted. Well, friends, do U know, taking too much of allopath antacid can also cause you vitamin b12 deficiency? Your vitamin deficiency can be a side effect or over dosing effect of random medicine taken! So, to all my patient friends, I remind take care of your diet and lifestyle more than your lab reports & self medication options. Body has got its own self healing tendency, a physician is supposed to prescribe medicine just as supportive in healing. To add more conviction, would say, not just with experience on patients but self being patient also. When I had jaundice (a pitta vitiation) few months back my vit B12 got less as per report. It’s now improved, frankly I didn’t take/need any supplements. To admit I mention when the root cause of disease treated with required medicine, the deficiency tail itself followed in.

A Note: Do take expert helps in case you have vit B12 deficiency for prime disease and not run for supplements only. Avoid self prescription and self worries.

Coming to part 2: Vitamin D. Well, it’s another query which is common in clinic, a patient asking sachet medicine for the deficiency. I wonder this instant demand style which we have got after being used to instant junk foods & aerated drinks! In simile, it’s like a student coming on first day and says to class teacher teach me only the 20 questions which are to come in exam. Just it! Well, it’s not the 20 point answer thing; the student has to be thorough with full syllabus to answer any 20 questions. Health is not a shortcut!

Vitamin D is also called as kidney hormone or sunshine vitamin. It is actually metabolically inactive, and undergoes transformation in kidney-liver; It is synthesized in presence of adequate sunlight in body. Its forms are Vit D2 & D3. It enhances absorption of calcium & phosphorus, stimulates mineralization of bones, and helps in normal growth. It deficiency results weak bones and problem like rickets (in children), osteomalacia, symptoms are fracture tendency, general weakness, pain in bone-muscle. It sources are from milk products, but mainly from sunlight.

Being an Ayurvedist, the first thing that comes in mind is the idea of Abhyanga, daily body oil massage-sunbath which is suggested since time immemorial. This is mentioned in almost every original Ayurveda text first chapter(s). A til or sesame tail abhyanga for little children with laksh preparation in sunlight is common as traditional fight of rickets. Hope concept is taken. Though Ayurveda recommends going natural in specific clinic case, we use treatment having guggul yog and medicines having sankha, praval, moti etc. which are natural calcium as an answer. Basically it’s a proper complete (holistic) treatment; In Ayurveda world it’s never said to pop such and such pill for your xyz vitamin deficiency or disease. - Study syllabus not just instant question to excel in exam.

Hope the prime question is answered in detail.

Finally a direct question to you, if your digestion is not good, can your body even absorb the popped up supplement or meet the repeated deficiency demand in long run? To finish off this pro-answering, please have self care first, that is, a balanced diet-regimen for true healing not substitutes cap-tablet as initial medicine. Healing always comes in direct way not just short cut.


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Comment I take Nature's Bounty protein vitamin and mineral blend that comes in powder form. One - two scoops in a blender with milk or juice of your choice. I am 70 and started taking it about 5 years ago. It solved my low vitamin D on my blood test. It's slightly constipation so also drink 1/2 cup of prune juice once or twice a week and stay hydrated. CVS often has but one buy one free deals.

22-May-2021 14:09 PM

Comment Hello! What about a vegan diet, do you believe it is possible to recover from B12 deficiency on a vegan diet and without supplements? You have only mentioned the vegetarian diet here.

17-May-2021 07:13 AM

Comment I'm diabetic taking glimy 500mg , found that having very low level of vitamin B12 and D.... Having more tiggling sensivity in body, specially on hand, so suggest best ayurvedic medicine for

J. Prakash
26-Mar-2021 11:37 AM

Comment Since you seem to have deep Knowledge of Ayurveda System
Pls suggest a Book for Mankind which is simple and comprehensive.
My B12 has been declared low recently due ro being a Vegetarian.
Any Rips would be highly appreciated.

Subhash Sabhlok
24-Mar-2021 16:43 PM

Comment Dr.Thakkar,
I wish you were very specific on B-12 deficiency.I am very very low on B-23.Doctors have prescribed tablets and over a period of 6 months+ there has been no improvement.PL SUGGEST WHAT AYURVEDIC FORMULATION I SHOULD TAKE.

Subhash Sirur
14-Jan-2021 10:19 AM

Comment Would appreciate specific Ayurvedic formulations for B 12 deficiency.

Subhash Sirur
08-Jan-2021 09:19 AM

Comment Dear Sir, thanks for the information.
Can I email you for more information.
Adiyen Suresan

19-Dec-2020 03:02 AM

Comment I am a patient of b-thalasemia trait. And my vitamin b12 is low around 144.
Is there any relationship between both?

Doctor advised me for injection and tablets.
How can i boost my b12 level naturally.

Pramod shah
11-Apr-2020 15:08 PM

Comment Sir in my body the lack of deficiency in body of vitamin B12 and vitamin D and i am pure vegetarian so please tell what should i do for fulfil this problems???

08-Sep-2019 11:40 AM

Comment Nice article.
Still then answer is not completed

Dilip Kumar Das
25-Mar-2019 09:27 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

I have dry skin problem and my hand palm and foot skin become very very dry and gets cracks and bleeding start.

Please suggest me what type test I needed to take to solve problem permanently.

Hope get your valuable reply soon.

Thank you


Rupali Borawake

05-Mar-2019 05:31 AM

Comment Jayesh Thakkar ji. Pranam to you for your great service to mankind and keeping the light of true Ayurveda alive.

Thanks to your article, I have renewed self confidence and the zeal to live a balanced life ..a yogic way of living.

Best wishes


Venugopal Maddukuri
13-Feb-2019 20:48 PM

Comment For online consultancy can email me at vaidyam.jayesh@gmail.com
Am practicing in Jay Ayurveda, Bhawanipur, Kolkata

17-Dec-2018 03:45 AM

Comment Ayurveda concept explained in very simple words. Appreciate.

Dr.muneeb ahmed
15-Dec-2018 11:42 AM

Comment Very helpful..really appreciate your patience to explain everything in such detail..all my doubts are clear now..thanq !! :-) ♡

medha bahri
06-Dec-2018 08:23 AM

Comment Excellent!!! I hope everybody understands this and follows Ayurveda. Doctor Jayesh Thakkar, where can we meet you?

18-Oct-2018 11:43 AM

Comment So what you suggest for it how can we increase

29-Sep-2018 06:01 AM

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