The Possibility of Developing an Oldest Language!

Limitation of Sourashtri Language!

Great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata and classics of literature were orally passed on from generation to generation in India before Sanskrit language was developed to write those epics around 500 BC borrowing terms from Sourashtri being derived from Souraseni, the central Prakrit language of ancient India.

Perhaps Sourashtrum was in Devanagiri script, which was not developed by Sourashtrians as they were in a state of panic and chaos when they were migrating from place to place!  As they were ever engaged with weaving works they did not find time to write literary stories and Ideas or record their history for posterity!

Despite those drawbacks, preserving the oldest language of India as spoken language, Sourashtrum indeed is a miracle language in the whole world!  Even if Devanagiri script is adopted to write all in Sourashtri language, it looks bleak literature will develop as it cannot be used among people they are moving with in a State not of their own!


Soura is a Sanskrit term meaning flame or dawn of Sun and the people worshiping Sun are called as Sourashtrians!  It is presumed that even Adi Shankara when visiting Gujarat learnt the Mantra called Gayathiri from the Sourashtrians!  Many Sanskrit words are coined from the basic Prakrit language of Souraseni now called as Sourashtrum sure! 

That original language, which was in practice in Sourashtra province, can be heard only among the Sourashtrians of Tamilnadu!  It's a miracle that an oldest language without script sure is still in practice with the mixture of Aryan and Dravidian languages of North and South of India in the South now! With the Tamil or English script, Sourashtrum is being written!  When Sanskrit, Latin and other ancient languages have become extinct, Sourashtri language is still in use with the migrated Sourashtrians!

The Fate of Ancient Sourashtri Language!

Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and Tamil are top, independent world languages..!  Prakrit is known as common man's spoken language or formative language.  But Sanskrit is well made language used, developed in writing classics just like Greek, Latin and Tamil!  All well developed languages are formed out of Prakrit languages.

Maharashtri, Magathi, Goudi, Ladi and Souraseni are five basic Prakrit languages of India.  Sourashtrum is formed out of the Souraseni Prakrit language, which is the central language of all the five basic Prakrit languages.  Sourashtri language was believed to be the language of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization time and is also supposed to be the language of Rig Veda era of India!

Abode of Sourashtri language before the independence of India was flourishing in Sourashtra province.  After independence of India, it has shrunk as an oasis of desert in the western part of Gujarat State.  But due to Mohammedan invasions, Sourashtri language has gone with the migrating population mixing with Marati, Konkani, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil languages to the Southern tip of Indian peninsula!

National Language

Each State of India is like a separate country in the world with its own language, culture, history, climate and geographical feature. All these States put together make one nation called India! The desire to see India as one country was achieved by independence. Then the desire to have single national language for India came up before independence itself. Hindi, just 150 years or so old language was spoken by the largest number of peoples in the North and as it was similar to Urdu and seemed to be a substitute for Sanskrit, a dead language now, it was decided to be used as a single national language for communication, administration and national identity soon after independence. 

But opposition to Hindi rose from the North Eastern States and the Southern States of India especially from Tamil Nadu and so, Nehru , the first Prime Minister of India gave the assurance in the Parliament that English also would be used as long as non-Hindi speaking people wanted. From then on both Hindi and English are used as the official languages of India with the hope that the latter can be replaced by the former after Hindi is developed and popularized all over India. Even after 70 years of independence it remains only as a hope, because not only Hindi but also all the languages of India have hardly been possible to develop as English having more than 1,000,000 words, 5 times more than the words of each language of India!
Single script for All National Languages!

Knowing the difficulty to learn different scripts of other languages, Mahatma Gandhi suggested the idea of having single script for all national languages so that it would be easy to learn languages sans any difficulty.  But it is not known why that idea was not implemented in a multilingual country like India!  Many Indians of various languages living in foreign countries and mostly Hindi speaking people in Figi island of Pacific Ocean have forgotten their own scripts and so, have adapted English script to write in their languages!

A Single Script for All World Languages!

 Learning languages with different scripts and lipis is impossible; but with single script for all languages, many languages can be learnt.  To have a single script, only English alphabets can be utilized sure as that is used by all languages in Europe, North and South America! 

Advanced knowledge and technical know-how are learnt through English.   English only has least number of alphabetical letters in the world.  Naturally, it seems to be easy to have English as single script for all languages in the world for learning, writing and reading forever! 

By utilizing English script so, even many ancient and spoken languages can be written, read and used for multi-purposes like publication of newspapers, magazines, fiction and non-fiction books and also, for Computer use sure as it would be convenient for all uses by everyone! 

Single English script will become a reality, when all nations function as one world nation with single currency, common laws and defence system,  if United Nations Organization is unanimously turned into world parliament sooner or later after disputes, wars and problems are settled for peace! 
Why Long Spoken Language Can’t Be Developed?

Spoken form of an ancient language not developed as classical language and later as modern language won't be of any public use, if  an attempt is made for its script and lipi ever!   For, people of its community will be living not in  one place but dissipated in various States of  the nation working and communicating in States' languages for all purposes with their language spoken only at home sure! 

Also, as there is no chance for using it for writing letters among themselves, articles in newspapers and stories in magazines or poems in books, nobody will like to develop it for reading and writing uses ever!   Such a community people won't have their own individual culture as they won't have one place of their own and a separate identity by their language and literature due to lack of its use in public for any purpose long! 

Reforms for Advancement of a Language!

 Many have to know about the question - what is language?   Language is just a medium to convey one's ideas to others; but fanatics in religious spirit say so many things and fight ever as if identity of one's community will be lost by change! 

Changes are common for all things including man's body;  according to changes of time, reforms are needed to make language and personality updated to develop community paving the way for prosperity and progress as imperative! 

Some fight with cock-sureness that changes in script and lipi would alter language's independent identity and make it easy to replace it with some other language sooner or later making it an inferior language compared to others! 

The more reforms are made, the more language will be better in use along with scientific and literary developments enriching vocabulary of the language and guaranteeing its longevity in competition with other advanced languages sure! 
Languages That Play Major Parts in the Future!

Ancient languages used only for spoken purpose ever are called as raw or Prakrit languages in the past.  Those Prakrit languages are around fifteen in numbers; from them, well cooked languages are nine in numbers!  Greek, Hebrew, Latin in the West, Arabic, Persian in the centre, Tamil, Sanskrit in Asia, Chinese in the East mostly have evolved from Prakrit languages with alphabets for reading and writing purposes to many languages now!

Of them, only English, French, German, Arabic, Urdu, Tamil and Chinese are playing main roles in communication use.  Many other languages are branches grown out of them only with some languages like Sourashtri are still in spoken form!  Fixing lipi and script for such spoken languages is still in discussion stages waiting to be moulded into written forms for communication in the print form sooner or later.  Some of them are useful in science, technology and Computer!

As Computer has come into vogue for all working purposes in the world, English, some European languages and Sanskrit seem to play major parts in all walks of life everywhere as time goes on with the fast developments in science, trade, etc.

Difficulty with the Development of Spoken Language!

Sans public use, no language can have respect and value!  There won't be reception and interest to learn by its own people even for maintaining its community identity ever!  That too, if there are differences among its own people for having a lipi proper based on its old identity and modern use by necessary reforms, it is difficult to have a solution!

Another important thing is that it should have link with its present language in the place of its origin for making it good for public use or for getting recognition and benefit from the govt. for its development and its community anywhere sure!

If there is lack of link between its people anywhere else and the place of origin, it is difficult to find unity and uniformity both linguistically and culturally between both in the nation! The complication increases, if the nation has many languages with the main languages of North and South having influence over other sub-languages of the North and South damn sure!

This is the problem with Sourashtri language of Saurashtra region of Gujarat State and Southern States of Indian nation besides its mixing with Persian and Gujarati languages in the North and Dravidian languages in the South for many years!

For some time, there is rivalry between supporters of Devanagiri and Ramarai scripts of Sourashtri language.  Suppose if Ramarai script is selected as Devanagiri script is like other North India languages for maintaining the separate and original identity of Sourashtrum, the words of other languages mixed with it have to be replaced by words with languages of similar nature like Marati or Gujarati and difficult style of alphabetical letters has to be changed by modification to write it easily like other modern languages so that they can be easy to learn, remember, write and read by all!

Further, even if govt. gives aid for the promotion of script for old spoken Sourashtri language, as there won’t be much initiative by persons concerned and no public use, nobody will have any interest to learn it except by some handful of language lovers.   But, if a South Indian Sourashtri University is established with English, Sourashtri and Vernacular languages as compulsory subjects and all the Award winning Books written by Sourashtri authors are included in the syllabus, surely all will learn and use Sourashtri language in the due course of time!


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