Mind’s Turmoil Thoughts

Love in God
Adore the patience which keeps writing
Adore the hands that don’t tire
Adore the heart that sings in the praise of love
Adore the love, that is Lord.
The best utility of my free time is the time when I think of myself, my own inner self, and am one with it simultaneously in thoughts, and  actions. This is the very time – my best leisure time, that I use  with liberty, the way I  want.  It is here that  I personalize my thoughts, act, react the way I want  without any public interference or  interruption. I spend it with my free  will and pleasure as it is really a relaxing and  leisure time.
Take time to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get. It is difficult to unknot a knot when you know not how to unknot.
Christ said when nailed “Dear God, forgive them for they know not what they do”
we say  “Dear God, forgive us for doing what we know is not right.”
My entity shall await ye
Beyond the time to come
And wait and wait till at last
You are forced to come!
What I write
What you read
Is the reflection of my thoughts
That create a turmoil within me
Aned compel me to express it
In my own language of understanding
Woman makes a man and, Man makes a woman.
This is the naked truth, and a tragedy too.
A peaceful message though fading flowers is a wonderful incentive for fragrance that is never fading.
Comparisons and contrasts
Intelligence, luck and success are three different issues of life. We have no gauge to bring them on the same level of comparison for different individuals. It is the difference of all the three that brings to the surface comparisons and contrasts.
I am a flower that fades not
The thorn surround me
And amidst them I grow.
Life is still a mirage, The farthest horizon is too close to be attained.


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