Shining Armour

Women are made to be loved, not understood. – Oscar Wilde.

Oh! My lovely society,

You criticise me. You ask me not to speak .You ask me to behave. You ask me not to have desires. You maintain that I must not demand. Our country gives the right to freedom of speech and expression, but I think I am not allowed to avail it. I can’t see the world, I can’t show my face, it’s always must be covered, and I should always stay behind the curtains. If I wear short dresses you stare at my legs and if I wear salwar kameez you make an attempt to play with my duptta. I am not a showpiece to add beauty to your living room. Can’t you think of giving me a cushion if not at least a space which I can call my own?

Men can play with my body and if I protest, I am harassed, insulted and blamed. You call me sweetie, bubbly, pinky, sexy. If a man rapes me, you don’t help; you tear me more by your abusive words. If I get menstrual pain, you don’t sympathise me rather you treat me as an untouchable. You don’t love me rather you rouse people against me. Yes I am a girl, a woman, a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter. Can’t you accept me as one of your own?

Yes I am Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, an Atheist .Your society has made my life intolerable. You made it so difficult for me that I can only gasp but not breathe freely. You are many and I am single. You are powerful and I am naive. You are authority and I am made to be your subordinate. You always decide and I follow. You show your strength and I wipe my sweat. Enough. I am tired. I am exhausted of fighting with you every single day.

Please take my word you gentle-man, I have strength and courage within me to fight back. I know why you torture me because you know I have more patience than you. You are scared of me. You are insecure. You know I am more powerful than you, you know if you hit me I will stand again. If you suppress me I won’t be lying on ground lifeless rather I will turn around.

I feel pity on you. I don’t need you, you need me. Sacrifice runs in my blood. You are nothing in front of my wrath I am stronger, sharper and intelligent than you. I am not afraid of you. My little step can change your life. I am the preserver and I am the destroyer. I have free will. So don’t try to dominate me.

Its time you must educate yourself to respect me. Learn to value my feelings. Remember one thing; you are there because I am there with you since your birth. You are alive because I wanted you to be born. You enjoy freedom as much s you can but don’t strive to draw lines between me and my dreams. I am the shining armour which looks best when it is kept untouched, but if you handle it, shows you only blood.

Hear the roar of Women’s silence – Thomas Sankara


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