Child Labor and Child Apprentice!

Child labor is banned legally. Every one is asked to join a school and spend there till X class. Who has decided this? Government? Intellectuals? NGOs?

Child labor like lifting weights, and other physically straining adult works can be avoided and banned. But insisting every one must join a school and waste precious years to complete a X class is difficult to understand. And most of the families are below poverty line and they need every family member to earn from early age. These are realistic situations. The reality is after passing all our laws and "banning" child labor, millions are still working as child labor for economic and financial reasons.

Many intellectuals and governments are refusing to think realistically and also out of the box.

Politicians are playing with our lives. Passing right to livelihood act as compared to right to education act will open the eyes of all concerned. Just as government cannot pass such a law for livelihood, what is the use of right to education act.

Nowadays none is joining schools or other educational institutions to learn. The aim of all is to get a job.

So it will be useful if child apprentice is introduced as early as possible; The unnecessary, non-employable and financially burdening present style of academics is time, energy and resourcesis a wasteful exercise.

The earlier the intellectuals, governments and educationists wake up and do away compulsory academics the better it would be.

This academic education being imparted is not guaranteeing any job to any one at any level. Children are getting frustrated even after completing a professional degree and even, the ultimate of academics, a PhD. degree. They are working a bonded labor in privately run financed educational institutions for meager "salaries". That being the reality what would be the fate of Bachelor degree holders sans any other employable skill?

It would be useful if children are encouraged to join to learn any employable skill as apprentice after becoming literate. He can use his learnt skills for his livelihood.

The cheating by the governments must end.

Encouraging every one to get a pale degree for getting a job when there are no or scarcity in job opportunities it would be grossly incorrect, lack of concern and is of no use.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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