Idli Pakoda

We are lucky to live in a Nation called India. Let me share my own comment on Indian Gourmets pursuing Indian gastronomic secrets.

"As we live in a multi Cultural context in India,every one who loves food and its intricacies are yet to meet all of the dishes available in India. Oh my GOD, We can have only a Breakfast, a Lunch or a Dinner in course of a day. "

Let me share a tried and proven Recipe which is a staple Breakfast of a South Indian and regular snack of North Indian liking ingredient Besan. It is a fusion effort. It will add to the various recycling adventure of an Indian Mother who is striving in her entire life,to feed their kids and the elders,with more nutritious Breakfast, in an era of Fast food.


1. Steamed Idlis : 6 Nos
2. Besan : 150 grams
3. Garlic Paste : 3 Teaspoons
4. Onion (Medium size,Finely chopped) : 3 Nos.
5. Asafoetida Powder ; !/4 Teaspoon
6. Coriander Powder : 1 Teaspoon
7. Kashmiri Chilli Powder : 1/2 Teaspoon.
8. Mustard seeds (Rai) : 1/2 Teaspoon.
9. Curry Leaves (Kadi Patha) : 2 twigs
10. Lemon Juice ; 1 Nos. Lemon
11. Chopped Coriander Leaves. ! Table Spoon.
12. Chat Masaala : 1 Teaspoon
13. Big Kitchen paper Towel : 1 Nos.
14. Green Banana Leaf ; Cut in the shape of the Serving Plate.
15. Cooking Oil ,,preferably Groundnut (for deep frying and Sauteing) : as per need (500 ml Max)

Procedure Of Cooking


Slice Idlis into 8/9 small cubes or lesser numbers, depending on their size.
Heat 50gms Cooking Oil in a Frying pan and lower the flame to sim.
Increase flame and put the mustard seeds to splutter.
Add finely chopped onions and saute till translucent.
Add the Curry Leaves and stir for one minute.
Add Garlic Paste and stir till the raw smell goes off
Immediately lower the flame to sim.
Then add Coriander powder stir and add Chilli powder.
Stir till oil appear around the material.
Add salt to taste.
Then add Lemon Juice and stir to mix in.
Allow to cool.
Grind this Masaala in to a paste.
Heat 2 Teaspoons of Oil in a Pan.
Stir fry the Idli cubes till the corners are golden.
Then add the Masaala Paste into the fried Idli cubes.
Stir till the Idli cubes are coated with the masaala Paste.
Remove from the Stove and let Cool to room temperature.


Take the Besan in to a Bowl (large enough to mix the Masaala coated Idli Cubes) and add water to get a Condensed Milk -like consistency. Add the Asafoetida Powder and salt (Remembering that we had already added Salt in the Masaala paste). Stir well and let the batter sit for 5 Minutes.


Heat the remaining oil in a deep Kadai. Check with few drops of Besan batter for the readiness to fry.
Pour the Besan battter, slowly over the Idli cubes enrobed in Masaala, till all cubes are fully coated. Slowly take few cubes drenched in Besan batter and fry it in the Hot oil but not smoking. Fry till the outer batter is cooked like as in the case of Batata Vada.
Take the Cubes out of Frying stage and spread it in Serving plate, with Kitchen Tissue on the Plate. This will remove the excess oil.
After frying all the Cubes, arrange the final Serve by spreading on to a Banana Leaf, cut according to the outer of the serving plate.
Sprinkle some shredded Coriander Leaves and if needed few pinch of Chat masaala and get ready to receive accolades from your guests.

For Dip, we can arrange a bowl of :

Tomatoe Ketchup
Coconut Chutney ,sauteed with Curry Leaves.
Pudina Raw Mango Chutney

We can slice Idli into French Fries-type long sticks and prepare for deep frying. 
We can slice Idli into two discs,i. e cut idli along the borders. It will give a look of a half slice of a flying Saucer a. d mix with the masaala paste and coat with the Besan batter and fry.
We may pour a quick saute of Ginger juliens in Hot oil to create a new look and taste.


More by :  Davidbhai Jodhpurwala

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