Economic and Cultural Ratio on the Horizon

On the premier day of Independence Day in inaugural function Maharish Arvind Gosh said “India is become free but, it has not attained unity. It has attained only shattered Independence. If this partition persists, then India shall not only be weak, but also be handicapped.”

It is only the farsightedness of our brave freedom fighters, soldiers and administrators , that we see what we see, cherish and live today. Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi said “I want such Indians who have respect for their community, Language and cultures”.

But situation and circumstances become a solid reason for the change that occurs. There is not much co-ordination between what is thought and what is done-There is a quote “Science is good servant, simultaneously a bad master too”. But the continuous events and facts reveal that we are unable to protect ourselves from the evil effects of science. In the name of progressive upliftment , we and our culture are being under the influence of modernism, being affected by social, political and moral pollution.

The effect of TV is compressing the large, joint family into age oriented sectors, according to the preferences and choices, false likes and dislikes. Countless channels and multiple programms only help to divide four family members in three rooms, as they want to view programs of their choices. The joint family structure is loosing the values, replacing the viewpoint with modernism. After TV, the mobile and internet have opened new wide doors for the youth, where one feels surrounded by the empowering effect of the amenities, snatching much time from them, in a way uprooting the family values.

In society we have to pay for all that we do, as we are root cause of everything. In the name of independence we still have the shackles of bondage. The limitless efforts, sacrifice of our ancestors are being left behind, and in the light of modernism we are pushing ourselves in the darkness.

Man is the creator of his own history, respite that he is not solely responsible for it. He as per his personality, his thoughts and the resources available to him around, make the best use of them to bring the best results for the problems that exist (Quote Karl Marx).

It is clear from this fact that in an individuals development, his thinking, his performance and his surroundings are equally important and more dominating. None is free from social pressures.

Human values do put an impact on personal development and in the absence of those values culture and civilization generally fades away. The downfall of social status is also due to the non existence of these values. Today’s man is so engrossed with the circumstances around that he is become more selfish and is wrapped with false, external position, status and deceptive achievements.

The intense problem of common man, social problems, the sorrow of suppressed sector (Dalit sector) and their suffocation is seen around us. Helplessness gives up without fighting or resistance. The power of money is strong that gives authority to buy and sell anything desired, creating an intense atmosphere of the helplessness. Financial and cultural relations is seen around in the society and practically in homes too. The servant who works for us is the victim of this suppressive change. The milkman, the newspaper delivery man, vegetable hawker, who render their services to us from their youth to old age, what has the society given them in return ? What have they attained? A life below normal poverty line, that under economic pressures cannot flourish and reach the goal sought for. Respite all the hard work and efforts one unable to sustain the burden of upbringing the family under such conditions and situations. More so they cannot send their children to best schools and colleges for education, or dream of the best life under those circumstances.

Economic and cultural relations are interwoven. Poverty is related to financial status, and this status also helps to standardize one’s position in society. If a unit or a person is financially well off, then his social status also is upgraded and recognized and vice versa.

The deficiency of financial standard gives poor recognition and status ( there are always exception to each case).

The poor cannot or is not accepted in society on the same platform respite all the efficiencies. But with gradual educational acquirement, they are becoming prominent in position at work and society proving their merit in academic field which increases their possibilities to attain the deserved just place to prove their efficiencies by delivery.

In our daily life too we see all this, the political, social and financial and other growth factors affects the living pattern. Specially in remote sectors, the farmers are not well rewarded for all the efforts put together. The people working in mines too are living at the cost of their lives. Dr. Krishna Dubey on this issue says - “The landlord and the workers are each others requirement; but due to self interest become each other’s rival.” It is here that the battle of struggle starts. Injustice puts the feet in the shoe of injustice.

We see around us the scenario of such differences in the struggle in and around us. The fight to survive and the capacity to pay for the work on the same platform is at times not justified. The poor is exploited, he renders services at very nominal charges. It is here that the rebellious thoughts overtake, which in turn gives rise to revolution. We are all witness to the events and facts even regarding the Dalit sector, where the inhuman behavior is not accounted for. This is the outcome of financial status and security that curbs the insecure.

The upliftment of humanity, its values are invariably prospering, respite that the line of bifurcation persists.

“The river Ganga falls in the ocean” does not really mean that the path of its flow is without obstruction. It fights and finds the way through. Even the old boat resists the thrashes of harsh waves to reach the harbor.

Financial & cultural problems become a universal factor, which is being exposed and brought to lime light by media. In USA we all know, the downfall of economy and the unstable turmoiled condition have created uneven statistics of work and pay.

Those who have jobs still have the sword hanging above them. The days of work are minimized-can’t rebell. The hours of the days are cut short but still they are silent. The old workers are replaced by new at a very much low pay-again helplessness.

The problems are multiple; but the solution found to some, hardly put any impact on the poor. The ongoing struggle to survive under such condition is still an ongoing journey.


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