Anger and How to Control it

Anger is both a feeling and expression. The feeling of anger can lead to depression if not vented out. But anger as an expression can lead to untoward happenings. Because anger can make a persion to loose the power to discern.

What is anger?

Anger wells up when there is a mismatch of perception or expectation with the real. All men and women are different. So there is bound to be mismatch of expectation in reality. So, if we learn to disjoint feeling and action  feeling of anger will not lead to expression of anger.

The first thing one can do is to go away from the scene of confusion which leads to anger. Do we not run away from a mad dog, from a squall, from tsunami? So also should we run away from the situation causing anger. Take a walk, go to a park, think something beautiful, go to nature.

Nature always heels. Let us learn to be silent. Let us learn to pray. Let us not make unnecessary noises. Let us not honk our cars. Let us not listen to loud music. Noise unnerves people and can cause anger.

It is good to engage in creative activities like reading and writing poetry, listen to soft music, trying to sing and paint and take photographs.

Also one should not eat spicy foods.


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